Honeywell’s conference to highlight digital transformation for industrial controls

SAN ANTONIO, US: Enabling industrial companies to employ industrial internet of things (IIoT), Honeywell Process Solutions’ (HPS) Honeywell Users Group (HUG) for the Americas addresses the ongoing operational challenges.

More than 1300 delegates from across the oil and gas, chemical, pulp and paper, and metals and mining sectors attended HUG, the event features numerous displays of the newest technologies along with dozens of Honeywell- and customer-led sessions and technical discussions.

“Challenges facing manufacturers and plant operators have not dramatically changed in the last 40 years. Safety, efficiency, reliability, productivity and security continue to drive innovation across industries. Today, we are able to leverage the power of the internet to employ a broader range of data to transform operations. At Honeywell, we call it the power of connected and specifically for HPS customers, it is Honeywell Connected Plant,” said Vimal Kapur, president of HPS.

Attendees at HUG will experience a range of new technologies and solutions that can help them enable the quick and effective adoption of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) at their plants. From technology displays in the demonstration room to a range of presentations from Honeywell experts as well as customer case studies, the connected plant will be front and centre throughout the symposium.

In addition to the connected plant solutions, attendees will experience many of Honeywell’s newest industrial automation technologies including:

  • Experion Elevate is real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) delivered as a secure and scalable service, reducing the need for on-site hardware and support.
  • LEAP for operations extends LEAP project efficiency principles to optimise, simplify, and run ongoing operations more efficiently.
  • Honeywell Trace is documentation and change management software that reduces configuration errors, improves troubleshooting, reduces unplanned shutdowns and improves auditing and regulatory compliance.
  • Secure Media Exchange (SMX) reduces cyber security risk and operational disruption by monitoring, protecting and logging use of removable media such as USBs.
  • Experion unit operations suite leverages a new ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller along with Experion Batch Manager to optimise pharmaceutical, speciality chemical, and food & beverage applications.
  • Predict RT is a novel, intelligent data analytics framework transforming the refining industry from traditional, reactive degradation management, to real-time, proactive, corrosion management through online, real-time corrosion prediction and monitoring.
  • Enterprise Risk Manager provides cross-plant cyber risk visibility across all site Risk Managers, providing a solution that measures and manages high priority industrial cyber risk.
  • ControlEdge RTU provides improved management of field assets through simplified and efficient remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management. It reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostics from hours to minutes, and integration with Experion SCADA reduces configuration time by 80 percent.
  • Open Virtual Engineering Platform (VEP) is a secure and reliable cloud engineering service for convenient and instant access to an off-process full functional Experion system at any release, accessible from anywhere at the lowest total cost of ownership.

The conference agenda also includes presentations and panel discussions from several Honeywell customers including Chevron, Hess, Tourmaline, CenterPoint Energy, Reliance, DuPont, Philips 66, Proctor & Gamble, LyondellBasell, Shell, BP, TOTAL, Georgia Pacific and others. These presentations will cover a range of topics critical to industrial automation.

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