Lanxess launches three new Lewabrane products for water treatment

COLOGNE, GERMANY: Lanxess AG expands its range of membrane elements for reverse osmosis (RO), with new Lewabrane RO ULP line, which has three product grades for water treatment.

They display higher water permeability than the standard elements while offering the similar high level of rejection of critical substances. The operating pressure required in the pressure vessel is 40 percent lower, which reduces operating costs. Furthermore, the new membranes are a good option for removing trace elements from wastewater and drinking water.

“The new ULP products are recommended for applications in which a high flow rate, moderate salt rejection and low power consumption are the primary design parameters. Fields of application, therefore, are the cost-efficient filtration of drinking water and high-tech wastewater treatment,” said Alexander Scheffler, director membrane business in the Lanxess liquid purification technologies business unit (LPT).

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