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Happy holidays explorers!

On 12.26.18, 8 PM UTC, World of Ether is doing a new tournament!

In addition to the $18,000 worth of discovery bounties already out there, when you battle you enter the new contest.

The primary prize is first to 100 wins, with more prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places!

First to 100 wins — 4 ETH

2nd most wins — 3 ETH

3rd most wins — 2 ETH

4th most wins — 2 Eggs

5th most wins — 1 Egg

The contest is restricted…

Start exploring at

We hope you enjoy World of Ether as much as we’ve enjoyed making it, and from the bottom of hearts we’re eternally grateful to all of you for being a part of this.

From the beginning of this project we believed the marriage of gaming and blockchain is the most significant step forward since online gaming. This project is our first testament to that.

Read on for key resources and rewards.

Discovery Rewards

ETH rewards are being given out to players discovering Etherians. Here are the current rewards:

World of Ether is live! Play now:

World of Ether began by selling presale eggs which can now be hatched into Etherians.

These eggs contain great power compared to the eggs that are birthed by breeding in-game.

If you’re new to the game, we recommend starting your journey getting some Etherians from other players on the marketplace. Or you can take your chances with some eggs…

With great power comes great cost. The eggs started at .00035 ETH and rose in price by that amount with each purchase. Now the price of a single egg is 0.76895 …

Welcome explorer!

If you’re new to World of Ether, you’re about to enter a decentralized world in which you collect the native fauna, Etherians, and battle, breed, sell, and sire them. You can even earn real money selling or siring your Etherians on the marketplace!

So how do you do this? How do you play World of Ether? Read on!

Getting Started

To get started, you need only two things: a connection to the Ethereum network and an Etherian monster.

To connect to the Ethereum network, we recommend the MetaMask browser extension if you intend on playing on Desktop, or the Coinbase…

Battling in World of Ether is how you reach levels where you can use stronger types of Etherians.

Battling is an integral part of the game, and Etherians with high battle points (BP) have an advantage.

Shop here:

Since the premier of the World of Ether first look video, in which the development team can be seen in custom WoE shirts and hoodies, there have been questions about World of Ether clothes.

Specifically, “Can I get some of this sweet merch?”

As previously announced, if you’re first to win 100 battles in battle beta, you get 4 ETH. We’re also giving eggs at random to players who complete at least 20 battles.

The 4 ETH and eggs are great, but it’s not the grand prize.

Everyone who wins 25 or more battles enters to have a chance to win $7,500.

That is the grand prize.

When the battle beta ends, the $7,500 gets paid to the winner in ETH (at Coinbase USD value @ time of payout), and for everybody battles then give experience and you can level up.

For any questions or to tell us how excited you are, join our community on Discord, we’d love for you to say hi. For all major announcements, join our newsletter.

World of Ether is live! Play now:

In World of Ether, if you’re first to hatch an Etherian monster you become the “discoverer” of that Etherian species and get a bunch of in-game advantages.

Outside the game, there’s another advantage: we’re giving thousands of dollars in ETH if you discover certain Etherians.

The World of Ether soundtrack is live wherever music is sold or streamed.

The reception that the WoE soundtrack has received has been awesome!

We’re thrilled that you all love it, and happy to see the months of work that went into it paying off.

Below we have a Q & A with Dan Farley, the composer behind the soundtrack, where we learn about his process for creating this album, and about his experience making music.

World of Ether is live! Play now:

The time has come.

World of Ether is launching on the Ethereum Mainnet November 23rd.

You’ll be able to hatch, breed, sire, sell, and use crystals at this time.

The Battle Beta

When World of Ether opens on the 23rd, battles will be in beta (still on Mainnet) and will not give experience.

After this period, battles will then count towards leveling up. When this happens, all Etherians will become available at the appropriate player levels and you can get experience after every ten battles.

Win ETH & Eggs Battling in Beta

World of Ether

A decentralized collectable dueling game on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect, breed, battle. Welcome to the World of Ether.

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