Discover Monsters: Win ETH

In World of Ether, if you’re first to hatch an Etherian monster you become the “discoverer” of that Etherian species and get a bunch of in-game advantages.

Outside the game, there’s another advantage: we’re giving thousands of dollars in ETH if you discover certain Etherians.

Legendary Etherians are worth even more.

#033: $300

#034: $300

#037: $400

#039: $1,000

#040: $6,000

#041: $100

#065: $120

#073: $500

#075: $1,000

#079: $500

#120: $11,000

Rewards are paid in ETH (at Coinbase USD value @ time of payout) and last until 5/1/2019.


If you discover an Etherian you also get in-game advantages:

  • You get a gold Etherian, which has the strongest battle points possible for that species.
  • Your name gets shown in the Woedex besides the Etherian, crediting you with discovering it. Perma-credit.

How to Join

World of Ether is live!

You can buy Etherian monsters from other players on the marketplace then breed your Etherians to birth and discover new ones. When you win battles and level-up, you increase your ability to breed rarer Etherians.

To play on desktop, use the Metamask browser extension. Guide here.

To play on mobile, use the Coinbase Wallet / Toshi app. Guide here.

If you have any questions, get them answered immediately on the official WoE Discord or Telegram. You can also stay up to date with World of Ether announcements on Twitter.

We have exciting times ahead, and we’re so excited to have you with us!

Play now: