The World of Ether Holiday Battle Tournament

Start now with commons for less than a dollar @!

Happy holidays explorers!

On 12.26.18, 8 PM UTC, World of Ether is doing a new tournament!

In addition to the $18,000 worth of discovery bounties already out there, when you battle you enter the new contest.

The primary prize is first to 100 wins, with more prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places!

First to 100 wins — 4 ETH

2nd most wins — 3 ETH

3rd most wins — 2 ETH

4th most wins — 2 Eggs

5th most wins — 1 Egg

The contest is restricted to all common and uncommon Etherians — so anybody can win.

Get your best Etherians ready and begin training now at

You can also start your journey here (make sure you have MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or another connection to the Ethereum blockchain).

Tournament begins 12.26.18, 8 PM UTC, good luck!

Learn to Battle

There are over 300 moves and male, female, and gold Etherians all have different movesets…

Learn everything you need to battle with the extensive World of Ether Battle Playbook.

And get a refresher on the entire game with the Official Game Guide.

For all other questions, shoot us and our community a message on Discord!