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World of Ether: The Road to Launch

World of Ether
Mar 11, 2018 · 4 min read

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World of Ether is live! Play now:

As we approach the launch of World of Ether with great eggcitement, it’s of the utmost importance that we have our smart contracts and UI extremely well tested.

We want this game to be flawless; and to help ensure this, we will be releasing a private alpha version, a semi-private beta version, and a bug bounty before World of Ether deploys on Main Net and presale eggs can be hatched.

The Private Alpha

On 3/28/18 we will be releasing the World of Ether private alpha build on Rinkeby Test Net.

Though likely being a bit buggy, the alpha will be a complete version of what we intend to launch on the Ethereum Main Net.

It will have all the features and game mechanics previously announced, and will also contain new unannounced ones.

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How to Join the Alpha

To prevent information leaks and to ensure the quality of feedback, the alpha will be kept to a maximum of 50 vetted participants.

To apply to participate in the alpha, please email and include the following:

  • Your name;
  • Your experience and credentials; and
  • Some sort of proof of the above.

If accepted, you can also use this email address to report any bugs or issues you’re having.

Smart Contract Bug Bounty

In addition to the alpha, we will also have a public bug bounty, the date of which is to be announced.

The bug bounty will be for our smart contracts and will have sizeable ETH rewards, as well as rewards of several eggs.

If you’d like to be updated when the bug bounty goes live, please join our email list.

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The Beta — Egg Holders Only

Once we’re satisfied with the stability of the alpha, we will be deploying a beta, still on Rinkeby Test Net, to everybody who has purchased eggs in the presale.

The length of the beta will likely be much shorter than that of the alpha, as we expect many of the major bugs to have already been corrected.

As was the case with the alpha, the beta will also contain the World of Ether full version game mechanics and features.

If you have yet to purchase any eggs, and would like to participate in this beta, we welcome you to join the presale, here (requires MetaMask plugin for web browsers or Toshi app for mobile).

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Once World of Ether is launched on Main Net we will be working towards implementing bonus game modes and WoE universe content.

There will be quite a bit of extras and we can’t wait to bring them all to you.

We will have more details on this in the weeks ahead.

How to Get Test Net Ether to play the Alpha and Beta

If you’re one of the few to participate in the alpha, or an egg holder helping us test in the beta, you’re going to need Test Net Ether. Here’s how to get this:

1. Switch over your MetaMask to, “Rinkeby Test Network.”

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2. Copy your MetaMask wallet address.

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3. Go to Google+ or Twitter and put out an update with your copied address.

4. Copy the link of that update.

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5. Go to

6. Enter your copied link and click, “Give me Ether.” Choose an option from the dropdown. We recommend, “18.75 Ethers / 3 days.”

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If you’re successful, you’ll see something that looks like this:

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7. If you’re an alpha participant, emails with login instructions will be sent out one to two days before release. If you’re a beta participant, keep an eye out on either the World of Ether Twitter, Telegram, or Facebook for more information.

We will continuously update you as we go and are working around the clock to make an enjoyable game.

We can’t wait to explore this world with you!

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