🔌 Quality of life in the Post-Apocalyptic world got better.

Fellow Cryptolords!

In the post-apocalyptic world, High Quality of Life is a myth. Or not?

Today we’re getting down to the ground and talk about Life Quality. From the beginning of the Worldopo project Life Quality concept, let’s say, did not correspond with the actual quality of life. We want to change that!

New Buildings to sustain your Settlement

In the new concept, we assume that hexagons represent land with people living on it. A real, living, and breathing people — like you or me. As each person, we all…

Dear Cryptolords!

New Production Building.

Today we unveil you another building from the Production set.

Fellow Cryptolords!

A brief update on Buildings.

Last week we mentioned a few buildings from the new concept we’re currently working on. And here’s one of them — Hyperfactory!

With full development status update

Fellow Cryptolords!

Summer is over, winter is coming, and it’s a perfect time to tell you about Worldopo development.

3D Artists Status

Our 3D Artists are fully loaded with new building concepts. They’re creating excellent and optimized models. It’s not as fast as we want to owe to the deed to model each level separately, and there are five levels on each building. But Headquarters and few other assets, like Warehouse, are already done. So it goes well.

Fellow Cryptolords!

We’re continuing to unveil the new Worldopo Concept we are working on.

Today we’re presenting highbrow Tech/Educational branch.

The Purpose of the Educational Branch

Even highly automated industries need skilled professionals to work on plants, electric stations, financial establishments, leisure sites, and all other Worldopo’s business empires branches. It means that units need to train somewhere. That’s the first role for Tech/Edu buildings.

The Human Resource distribution model of Educational Branch

Let’s take a closer look at how we designed a new Educational Branch.

Entry-level Human Resources

First, players need low-level workers to manage entry-level buildings. They can be trained in Headquarter’s HR Department.

Fellow Cryptolords!

We’re continuing to unveil new Worldopo Concept we are working on, and today it’s time for heavy industry digest!

As you already know, the new Worldopo concept implies a free trading economy model, but to sell something, you need to make something. That’s why the Production branch is crucial for Worldopo’s economy.

The low-level building players can construct the Mines. They can be placed over explored mineral deposits; they require energy and produces raw materials like lithium or iron. Then, to process it into something more valuable, players need to construct one of the few available Refineries.

Refineries produce a wide range of materials for all other branches, except Hi-End limited buildings in WPT-circulation. For those buildings, players need top-grade materials created only in Hyperfactory with WPT. Players could share it and expect appropriate profit.

Stay tuned for more to come!

We’re continuing to unveil new Worldopo Concept we are working on and today it’s time for money counting!

Fully functional in-game Stock Exchange implies free trade with resources and tokenized objects for currency and cryptocurrency.

We’re working on it right now: you can act like a real-life trader make some Bid and Ask orders and then wait for matching with the counterparts. Players can connect to one of the in-game Stock Exchanges to trade.

Successful Cryptolords will be able to buy tokenized equities of the Stock Exchange across the globe. All profit generated by the transfer cost in the Stock Exchange’s is fair and lucrative.

This will be one of a few ways to gain a passive income in the Worldopo Universe.

Fellow Cryptolords!

We’re continuing to unveil the new Worldopo Concept we are working on. Today we look closer to the Energy sector.

As you know, all buildings consume energy — except for Power Stations, which generates electricity. The more you grow your empire — the more generating power you need.

You start with the new Headquarter building with a built-in power plant. It provides enough electricity for the HQ and few buildings, but then you need to build your first separate power plant or buy electricity from other players.

Fellow Cryptolords!

We’re continuing to unveil the new Worldopo Concept we are working on. And here’s the Tech News!

Apart from Worldopo as you know it, a new concept provides for a hierarchical technology tree with six branches. One branch for every profession: Energy, Production, Education/Tech development, Finances, IT, and Leisure. Players will be able to develop as many branches as they want, but it’ll take some time and will need to construct a few research facilities.

Thus, players will get clear and illustrative development progression, so they could be focused on features they interested in most. Functionality and effectiveness will be separated: technologies are responsible for new building functions, levels define efficiency (production cycle time).

Stay tuned, as we will answer your questions on our live discussion!

Dear Cryptolords!

We are continuing to unveil the new Worldopo Concept we are working on.
Today it is HR time!

In the current version, you need men of thee specialties: Workers, Scientists, and Criminals. In the new concept, they become Workers, Engineers, and Scientists, but from now on, you have to unlock certain professions to have the workforce for different buildings.

Low-level workers could be unlocked in your Headquarters. For the “Middle Class,” you will need to construct an HR Agency building. …


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