Did you get the way to study industrial design?

Study 2 years PG programme in industrial design with the World School of Design. We know the way to make your insightful creativity alive and let it shine. Come alive with World School of Design (WSD) to study your wits, develop inventive thoughts and quick understanding. Explore the power to design.

We imagine and create things which can be kept not just in creator’s mind but also to the user’s shelf. Hence, it is essential for the designers to bring the insights of the user. The designing of the product absorbs inputs and act in terms of human factors, studio skills, research, methodologies, design management, material, manufacturing processes, and social sciences. Product designing shows the relationship between the products, machinery systems, and its consumers. Designers develop the innovative ideas using the user centric approach and keeping in mind the social, physical and ecological factors.

Our long-term motto is to meet the requirements by solving the problem of shortage of man resources happens due to lack of skills. We pay emphasis on creativity, and let the students to participate as active participants giving them greater control over the learning process. Now, what do you all think about the knowledge of language? Indeed, it is truly and deeply needed as the trees need the water. We emphasize on mathematics, arts and science at the same time.

The two year programme is developed by us to take the initiative for the people who want to start a new venture, a company. We provide a vision to our students to think like others while running your own mind, to assume how their models and designs will be understood by the people. They learn user-behavior, ergonomics and visual semantics. Students will not only learn the curriculum but also the importance and value for our natural system, environment and nature.

Development of Pedalogy: Our institute is tending to teach how personal thoughts work and teach the students to be original with flexibility. We promote active drawings, hand sketches, computer-aided design software, and providing studio workshops, practical working with the materials along with finishing.

Don’t you worry about the job? You will see yourself as a new evolved person, transformed from a shell to the global market. Never mind what your past studies were. It could be anything, all it demands is vision. This programme will help you to land at a sustainable job, giving you an ultimate life time opportunities in the field of engineering, electronics, home appliances, information technology, medical care and end numbers of product design and development sectors.

The post-graduate course knows your primary focus, and the management with marketing knowledge.

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