An skyscraper idea for Chicago is proposed by the global architecture office Gensler. The idea is for a plot where a another tower by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava was slated to rise.

“How do you succeed with a $50 million dollar failure?” Gensler asked when work stop on the Chicago skyscraper “Spire”. Gensler refers to the money spent on the old high rising building.

The construction of the Spire began in the year 2007 and stopped at the following year. 2008 was when the global financial crisis hit. Spire was going to be an apartment tower. Still today, a 34 foot diameter hole remains at the building site. It is as an example of the lack of demand in chicago.

The office of Gensler propose now a new supertall skyscraper for the site. The name is Gateway Tower. The building can house a mixed scheme. Containing Rental apartments, two hotels and also tourist attractions for the tower. The intention is to have a mixed program to attract and retain investors.

“Projected demand in the Chicago market is for a more diverse program, as well as a wide and inclusive range of experiences and commercial opportunities,” said Gensler. “Diverse revenue streams hedge against market cycles and unexpected macro-economic demand shock.”

The proposed skyscraper is reaching the same height as the previous building. It will reach 610 meter. Instead of the twisting shape the new conceptual tower is following another design. A large and also supporting brace which is splaying outwards from the lower portion of the building and towards to lake Michigan.

skyscraper idea for Chicago

An skyscraper idea for Chicago

skyscraper idea for Chicago

Gensler designed a thin and also rectilinear tower bending slightly as it growing from the ground. The exterior of the skyscraper is going to be glass with X-bracing. Similar to the design of the John Hancock center also calling Chicago home.

The draft intend to connect to the city, to the lakefront and also to the Chicago Riverwalk. The return to the city will be tourism and also more visits. With more than 50 million people are visiting Chicago. According to Gensler, they are generating 13.7 billion dollar in direct spending.

“Our solution was to create an anti-tower, one that was not designed purely as an object to look at but rather one that is engaging at different scales to the entire city, one that would welcome newcomers as it simultaneously embraces locals,” Gensler principal Brian Vitale told Curbed about the skyscraper idea for Chicago

Gensler propose features amenities like a water taxi service, a skydeck and also two entries. The Skydeck offer a “unparalleled views and premium experiences including a restaurant and sky garden”. Also the building include a funicular transporting visitors from the ground floor to the mid level.

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