The Worlds We Want, Episode 3: Communicating Climate Change in the time of “Fake News” and Post-truth Politics.

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Audio from Episode 3, Part 1 — consideration of communication around climate change, fakenews and post-truth politics:

Audio From Episode 3, Part 2, our live conversation with Peter Timmerman - he talks broadly and clearly about the romantic language of economics as well as issues related to culture, abundance, and scarcity:

Image from the Human Impact Lab’s Climate Clock, visit the website to get current numbers.

Show Notes:

Music featured in this episode:

  • Outro “Plans fall through” by Alexia Avina
  • Opening bit featuring Trump on the Climate accord includes “Search for the Truth,” and audio from Trump’s On June 1, 2017 press conference, mixed by Cheryl Gladu. Done purely to explore some conspiratorial vibes.

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