Why is it that, the more we efficiently use time, the less we can stand it?

We live in an age where time is taken for granted. We may not be able to reverse or fast forward time but we sure as hell have been able to squeeze our attention spans to a few seconds. We’ve gotten spoiled by one-click tappings and swipe right and left instant interactions.

On the bright side, the revolution will not be televised but surely it will be on the internet. On the other hand, our lives have become daily broadcasts. We hate on, and make fun of reality tv shows but in reality most of us have our own reality tv shows on social media.

We’re essentially living two separate lives. The life we portray on social media may not be false but it’s not all reality. We don’t walk all day with the perfect selfie angle. We may not be as happy or as sad as we are in 140 characters. A lot of us #NeverBeenToAProtest outside of social media. What’s frightening is that our social media lives might be taking over our actual lives. If you didn’t snap it, it never happened.

I’m not saying that this is good or bad. These are just my thoughts.

- Sadek Alzubaidi

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