Here are top 10 most dangerous and notorious black hat and white hat hacker list in the world subscribe : #10-Kevin Poulsen a.k.a. Dark Dante The notorious ’80s black hat hacker, Kevin Poulsen, gained recognition for his hacking of the telephone lines for LA radio station KIIS-FM, securing himself a place as the 102nd caller and winning a brand new Porsche 944, among other prizes. #9-Albert Gonzalez Cyber-criminal Albert Gonzalez has been accused of masterminding the biggest ATM and credit card theft in history #8-Vladimir Levin Vladimir Levin transferred $10 million from the accounts of Citibank clients to his own accounts around the world. #7-Robert Tappan Morris On November 2, 1988, Robert Morris released a worm that took down one-tenth of the Internet, crippling 6,000 plus computer systems. #6-Michael Calce a.k.a. MafiaBoy in February of 2000, Michael Calce launched a series of widely known denial-of-service attacks against large commercial websites #5-David Smith Smith’s virus takes an unusual turn in that it was originally hidden in a file that contained passwords to 80 well-known pornography websites. #4-Adrian Lamo Lamo is widely-known for breaking into a series of high-profile computer networks, which include The New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and MCI WorldCom. In 2002 #3-George Hotz Hotz found himself in the midst of a very relentless, public and messy court battle with Sony — perhaps worsened by Hotz’s public release of his jail breaking methods #2-Jonathan James At an amazingly young age of 15, James specialized in hacking high-profile government systems such as NASA #1-Gary McKinnon n 2002, an exceptionally odd message appeared on a US Army computer screen: “Your security system is crap,” it read. “I am Solo. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.” article writter : source : keywoods computer hackers, criminal mastermind, hacking the government epic how to, government hacked life hack,diy prop shop, life hacking hacking, dangerous hackers how to hack, hacker gets caught swatting, swatting livestream lizard squad hacking instructions anonymous hackers life of a hacker hacks viral new follow social : facebook : twitter : google plus : get more updates :

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