6 Web Development Factors for a Successful e-commerce Sales

6 Web Development Factors for a Successful e-commerce Sales

Having already hit the plateau, e-commerce business is still growing due to the growing number of online shoppers worldwide. It has not only offered a smart online shopping option to the millennial shoppers, but it has also catapulted the competition among various e-commerce web development companies. Such companies are formulating fool proof marketing strategies in order to achieve e-commerce success.

​If you are running an online store, you must understand the nuances of the e-commerce segment and those web development factors that usually affect your e-commerce sales.

​Let’s find out those key factors that can influence your e-commerce initiative and some e-commerce factors also that you should be considering during the success rating of your e-store. All these aspects would provide you with a true and real-time insight into your e-commerce business at each developing stage.

Three Dimensional Approach of E-commerce

Let’s first understand the e-commerce development phases — Usually, it is segmented into three-dimensional efforts which includes:​

  1. Network — The platform where the transaction is carried out
  2. Processes — The activities involved in the transaction
  3. Shareholders — Individuals or companies involved in the process

​You must not forget the significance of customers for which the entire e-commerce landscape is staged. You must make customers as your priority when you plan to offer a customer-focused shopping experience to them.

Here are some of the web development factors that you should consider when measuring your e-commerce sales:

1. Website Navigation

​This is one of the most important components that you must consider when deploying or hiring the e-commerce web development services. The layout and delivery of your e-commerce development, website are very crucial in your conversion rate. Make sure your website mustn’t take too long to load and have web pages that are systematically categorized properly. Keep your layout simple as it has the potential to attract a great number of visitors. Your website should be easy-to-navigate and make sure a positive customer service takes time and money.

2. Right Product Description

​This is yet another web development factor that can decide if you will stay in the business for a long time. In order to establish a veritable brand name, the first thing is obtaining customer trust. After capturing the attention of your customers, make sure they keep coming back to you frequently.

​This can be done if you sell high-quality products at cheap prices. For this, your website must have all tools and extensions that can effectively describe your products with all graphical and descriptive details. You should hire a web development company in India that knows how to develop such an e-commerce website that has every tool to showcase your product in the most effective way shunning every possible confusion that may arise in the minds of your buyers.

​3. Return Policy

Given the financial nature of online transactions, customers should not be confused about the return policy. Some years ago, this would have been a major issue, but with the evolving e-commerce industry and its competitive nature, all the core e-commerce development companies offer their customers an easy and convenient return policy to gain their trust.

​It is important that your set rules of return are clearly stated and are not difficult to understand when you display it on your website.

4. Shipping

​Flexible shipping is yet another option that you should offer for the success of your e-commerce business. The time it takes you to deliver goods and the cost of shipping will influence the number of customers that you will have. Mostly majority of companies follow free shipping, especially for orders that exceed a certain amount.

​The time it takes for an order to get delivered is also a factor that can affect your sales. So do not forget to explain the right shipping process on your website and guarantee the product is delivered within the agreed time. Right time delivery is also important for your business.

5. Easy and Short Checkout Process

​After convincing customers to buy from your store, the next big thing is to display them as easy as possible checkout page. This is an equally important e-commerce web development tip. Make your checkout process simplest and not more than 2 minutes that includes making payments. Customers must not have to enter a series of unnecessary details over and over again.

6. Online Review

​Of course, in this era of e-commerce people are more prone to read and receive reviews before zeroing into any product to buy. Hence the significance of product reviews and ratings are an integral determinant for products that customers may buy. Being social creatures, people are motivated to buy those products that have positive reviews from other buyers. As per a study, a startling 40% of customers admit that they won’t buy a technology product except after reading online reviews.

​The Reviews are so important to e-commerce web development, that even having negative reviews are better than not having any review at all. So make sure while crafting your e-commerce website you keep the option of putting reviews and encourage your buyers to write their reviews for others to understand better your products and other services.


​These are some of the most important and popular e-commerce website development factors that you must consider while creating your e-store to get the most out of it and make it a big hit.

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