Seeing the Forest in the Tree
Clay Rivers

I feel the intended inspiration. Behind what you have written. I also yearn for a time of unity instead of our current political and racial climate. You have been tremendously blessed to come into contact with those who value what you have to say, and as well you have the ability to hear the human experience of the individual beyond the mere narrative. I support your message, however we both know the current reality. This made me think about the message I read online from a couple of people I went to high school with. Unlike you, they have been decisive in denying the realities of POC. Asking things like “what oppression “ or “what opportunity have I been given that you haven’t” Thankfully, this communication was digital and afforded me the opportunity to collect my thoughts rather than my insults. All I can say is it’s frightening to know the hearts of those you once called friend.

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