8 Reasons No One is Reading Your Medium Articles
Sand Farnia

I’m sorry. This article didn’t offer me anything I felt I could use. Of course my writing could be better, whose couldn’t, especially on this site. If I received unsolicited advice I would probably offer some right back, probably advising you where to place your advice. Every time I see this type of article, it’s like a new fad diet. Everyone has the answers to success, but no one agrees on the approach. Is there a science to writing on this platform, of course. Good writing is good writing. Why should a good writer adjust his or her style to suit an audience that was never theirs? This entire “contribution” was plain disrespectful. Perhaps publications should consider variety and quality, rather than formula. We don’t want to read the same self-help article 100 different ways, it’s not helpful. Figure out how to encourage artistry and retire the tired rhetoric. This was an advertisement not a literary contribution. BTW that was all one paragraph 🖕🏾🖕🏾.

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