There is so much you got wrong and still have wrong in this election because it is you who have the filter bubble blinders on.
You guys want it to be about race.
John the TIB

There is so much wrong with what you have shared here it’s really just sad. I can’t be angry with you because you are still spouting childish rhetoric you learned from your family, reinforced identities on TV, and an unfortunate sense of entitlement. The information. Shared by both myself and the original author was fact based and not opinion. Your inability. Or unwillingness to recognize issues that extend beyond economics is evident in the racially charged hate speech present in your response. Feel free to review, because am kind, I highlighted it for you 😊. You seem the mentally created a divide in your mind of two groups. This who are American (you and your brethren) and everyone else. The whole of America is composed of immigrants (minus natives) both willing and forcibly here. Maybe a good history book or perhaps a couple of courses on psychology? Hell, I think you could improve by just talking less and listening more. Either way, I neither the time nor the desire to convince you that the world is not flat. Hoping you get well soon 💜.

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