DP Nair

Memories of people — DP Nair

DP Nair has been a great friend of our founder’s since the very early days of Worlzen. He works at FOXCONN a 350b $ company as an Advisor. The following is a heart touching where he shares one of his fondest memories.

“A while back I was suffering with chicken pox and was lying on the bed due to illness. My father took 60 days of holiday from his work to take care of me. I guess he loved me dearly. (Smiles nostalgically). He would prepare food for me, clean my clothes, assist me in daily tasks and occasionally also bring books for me. So one day he observed that I was looking at one of the pages quite eagerly. He asked me — ‘Raju, what are you staring at?’, ‘ Papa look at this new watch from Titan. It’s a moon faced watch. Isn’t it so pretty? (pauses and takes a deep breath). I had never worn a watch in my life and I still very rarely do.
As time passed, I was cured and everything went back to normalcy.
7 years later, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he had to be taken to the hospital for an operation. That was his first ever operation which he had to undergo. It was a tough time. We had never as a family been through such a situation before.
We escorted him to the operation theater. He was lying on the stretcher, smiling with only his face exposed and the entire body covered in a green cloth. As we came closer to the entrance of the operation theater, he asked the ward boy to give him a minute. He called me closer, drew his hand out of the blanket and gave me something. I opened it and it was that same Titan Watch. He said ‘Son, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it after the operation or not, but I always wanted to fulfill this dream of yours’. ( takes a pause, smiling and remembering his father’s unconditional love ). I do wear a lot of expensive watches, but that single watch means the world to me. It has a memory attached to it. “

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