Wormhole3 Tutorial

4 min readJan 15, 2023

Wormhole3, A Decentralized Curation Platform.

Please register Wormhole3 first:https://alpha.wormhole3.io/

What Can Users Do?

1.Participate in Curation Activity

a) Wormhole3 provides Tweet and Twitter Space curation features, any user can participate in curation Activity as required to obtain curation rewards

b) When any user participates in Twitter Space curation on Wormhole3, they can get tip rewards by speaking up and sharing their thoughts, and can also participate in PoP-Up activities to get rewards

2. Earn rewards by posting on the chain

Any registered user can publish a post on Twitter(with #iweb3) and earn rewards (cryptocurrency) through content creation.

3. Publish Curation Activity

Wormhole3’s curation feature is open to every user, users can publish curation to gain more followers and upvotes on Twitter.

What Can Projects Do?

1. Tweet promotion

Any registered project can publish Tweet curation on Wormhole3, and invite users to quote curated Tweets and follow accounts to promote projects and gain more exposure.

2. Twitter Space Promotion

Any registered project can publish Space curation on Wormhole3, invite users to participate in Space and promote it to gain new feeds, and can also publish PoP-Ups and tips for Speakers to activate the atmosphere of Space.

3. High-quality Project Cooperation

Wormhole3 provides real user data for high-quality projects, and any project participating in the curation can find cooperative project parties of any track on the platform.

How to register ?

  1. Open alpha.wormhole3.io/, click [Sign in] in the upper right corner;

2. After clicking [Sign in with twitter], the Twitter authorization page will pop up, please click [Authorize app];

3. After the authorization is successful, connect the wallet;

Tip: Familiar Web3 users can directly select MetaMask and connect to the wallet signature; new Web3 users please click [Create a new wallet], ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ remeber save the mnemonic phrase while creating it.

4. After connecting the wallet, please click [Verify] to verify the Twitter account;

5. Click [☝️ One-Click Post] to jump to Twitter and post your first tweet on-chain. Successfully registered Wormhole3 after tweeting;

Project Tweet/Twitter Space Curation Guide

Tweet Curation

1. Click [create curation] to initiate curation;

2. Select published tweets or new tweets for curation;

1). Enter the published tweet link and click [Verify];

2) Create a new tweet;

2. According to the requirements, select the task (Quote, Follow, Like) that the user needs to complete;

3. Select the suitable hashtags, fill in the description, and set the end time;

4. After setting the number of rewards and the reward pool, the curation will be completed after the submission;

Twitter Space Curation

1. Publish a space warm-up tweet;

2. Enter the tweet link with space link;

3. Set up relevant task requirements;

4. Select the suitable hashtags and add space participants;

5. Finally add the curation reward pool to complete Space Curation;

6. Anyone can tip and publish PoP-Up activities during the space.

Tip: Wormhole3 provides an instant tip feature for speakers;

PoP-UP: Wormhole3 provides anyone with the ability to create a PoP-UP in Space.




Hello, this is Wormhole3, a magic that links Web2 and Web3.