From 0 to $1500 Real Quick

#WORP and the Champs at Cousin Vinny’s Downtown London, Ontario

This picture is the culmination and final chapter of a special event. We celebrated the winners of our First All-Star Event that took place on February 20th 2016 at the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre in the White Oaks Community of London, Ontario.

The event was attended by over 150 community members from the ages of 8 years old all the way up to 82 years old!

The All Star Event had Three Components:

  • Timed Skills Challenge,
  • Three Point Shootout,
  • and a random draw to sink a Free Throw for $500

57 contestants registered for each event.

The 1st place prize for each event was a whopping $500.

As we were in the process of raising funds for our event, unsurprisingly we noticed a lot of hesitation and concern from potential sponsors and funders regarding giving away Cash Prizes. Sadly enough, there was even some talk around it being a bad idea, because, as some pointed out, the money could be used for nefarious purposes, like buying and selling narcotics — and THAT is the exact mindset we at WORP will be targeting so that they to can be a part of the positive change in perspective regarding our marginalized youth in our Communities.

Anis Omar Won BOTH!

If you’ve been keeping up, that made him $1,000 richer.

#WORP Member, Khodr Abdallah along with the Champ Anis Omar and Omar Mohamed, Mohamed Aden, and Niman Mohammed.

Later that night he posted on his Facebook after winning the contest that the prize money couldn’t have come at a better time as he shared the good news of a new baby coming his way.

Ironic, isn’t it? The thought of how marginalized youth would end up spending their money on drug dealing ended up backfiring.

Our Second Winner of the night was Surdush Tawfiq.

Champs and #WORP

For our event, we also left a little prize money for everyone that attended the event.

All attendees were given a raffle ticket at the door as they entered. At the end of the event, we drew two tickets from a pool of all tickets from the event.

The two attendees with matching tickets then had to flip a coin.

Still following?

Surdush lost the coin toss.

The winner of the coin toss had a tough decision to make — but she had two options.

Option 1:

She has one shot at a free throw. If she scores- she wins $500.

Miss, and Surdush wins $500.

Option 2:

She lets her opponent decide their fate.

She can decide to let Surdush shoot the free throw.

If he sinks the free throw, he walks away with $500.

If Surdush misses — she walks away with it.

She chose Option 2.

Surdush lined up the free throw shot, amidst heavy silence even with the crowd gathered all around him — the ball smoothly guided through the bottom of the net.

The crowd roared to life, you’ll have to see it to get it.

$500 Free Throw
#WORP Co-Founder Wadhah Baobaid congratulating Surdush Tawfiq

Our All Star Event on February 20th 2016 began with the Honourable Chief of the London Police Services John Pare giving a few words in regards to the importance of keeping our youth active and engaged. He mentioned his days growing up in Windsor, Ontario and how sports impacted his life in a positive way.

We also had Ferras Hayek, the Westminster Basketball Senior Head Coach. Adam Fearnall, the London Youth Advisory Council Co-Founder. Councillor Harold Usher representing Ward 12 in the City Council, and one of our own — Wadhah Baobaid, one of the Co-Founders of #WORP.

The event would not have been possible without the help of Chris Green from the City of London Parks and Recreation Department and his team. They provided the Venue, completed the Set-Up, and even were willing to stay later on their own time to help us close out the event and clean up.

Sorry guys for taking longer than expected!

Lori Runciman from London Community Foundation also supported us and provided a grant of $750 for the winners.

Lori believed in #WORP’s stated Mission of engaging the disengaged, even when others questioned our our methods.

Thank You Lori and LCF!

Dr. B.J. Hardick’s Chiropractic Office graciously provided us with $200 of funding for our event as well.

Thank You Dr. Hardick!

We also have to extend a huge Thank You to Cousin Vinny’s Pizza on Richmond and Carling in downtown London, who without hesitation just asked us how many pizzas we need! No other questions, they provided all of the pizza’s we needed for the event and also welcomed us hosting our Winners at their Pizza Shop to present them with their Prizes.

Cousin Vinny’s looking out for the Fam!
On behalf of the entire #WORP Team, Thank You to all who contributed to the success of our event and to all our sponsors and funders who support us.

Coming up we have an All Women’s Basketball All Stars Event with Cash Prizes to be won again. We’re back at it again, so stay tuned!