Episode 16 — Anaheim Amigos, We Salute You with Aleya & Jordan


You can’t make an NBA logo without cracking some very basic design rules and many other things in this week’s episode. Joined by this weeks guests, Aleya and Jordan, the guys discuss a great many things such as Aleya’s deep Italian heritage, a company taking credit for Matt’s work, our new almost maybe friend Johnny Vino, how bad TED talks are, an IKEA couch font, Japan’s very own Donald McDonald, championship hot dog eating, kombucha an how we’re being completely ignored by LIMERICK IRELAND FOR NO GOOD REASON.

After a quick break, everybody gets their fangs out because it’s design critique time! This time our target is the NBA and all the horrid logo treasures it contains! First Marcus walks everybody through some of the worst basketball logos this planet has to offer. From acorns to turtles, they cover them all! Then they check out every current NBA logo and discuss whether they make sense, how many ways the typography is awful, how consistency must be a foreign concept and how Mark Cuban can sleep at night knowing the current state of the Mavericks logo. After that, they play a quick game to establish who is the supreme authority on all things NBA branding. Add a few AIDS references, some classic Sicily charm, and it technically constitutes as an episode! Enjoy!

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This episode was accidentally brought to you by Nathan’s Un-Used Competition Hot Dogs, The Estate of Magic Johnson, Dribbble and other things.

Theme song written and performed by co-host, Marcus Farrell.

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Grab a drink at the creative dive bar with two designers who want to know more. New podcast every week or so.

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