Episode 17 — Creamed Corn: The Trilogy with Matt & Marcus

Jul 25 · 2 min read

Some idiot once said “Always look on the bright side of life” which is a stupid thing to say, and many other things in this week’s episode. This week the fellas are talking about things that bother them but first they get into the majesty of mega-drunk Orson Welles, super-drunk Joe Namath, the delightful Bash Brothers soundtrack, Aleya-proofing future episodes with costly equipment, how to not steal an office in your building, genuinely good public art installations, Cyber Jim Carrey trying to kill pre-meltdown Shelley Duvall, the loveliness of some font websites and other things about other things.

After the break it’s time to put on your tear-stained audio sweat pants and open a virtual tub of crystal meth because it’s time to feel sorry for yourself! This week the guys open up the flood gates and enjoy a solid chunk of whining about things which are rarely as bad as we make them to be but still deserve their moment in the spotlight. They take Wacom down a much needed peg, wonder why video calls are still a pain in the ass, chastise websites with terribly built forms, talk about the blandness of cannabis packaging, restaurant websites, other designers and a bunch of other crap which are self-imposed problems rather than genuine problems. From there they take a few shots at social media and other things that old people complain about. Was it therapeutic? Maybe. Did they solve anything? Doubtful. Was Piss Christ mentioned? You betcha! It’s fun!


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This episode was accidentally brought to you by Drunk Orson Welles, the Bash Brothers, Grammarly, Craigslist, XP-Pen and other things.

Theme song written and performed by co-host, Marcus Farrell.

Designers are the Worst. The Playlist.

The dumb music Matt and Marcus are listening to or referenced during the episodes!

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Random Crud

Drunk-Ass Orson Welles Commercial

Bash Brothers Soundtrack

Fancy Public Art

Jim Carrey Deep Fakes

Bike Company’s Clever Packaging

Out of the Dark fonts

Font Review Journal

“The King of Queefs” with the Very Terrible Jerry King

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Grab a drink at the creative dive bar with two designers who want to know more. New podcast every week or so.

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