Episode 18 — I Have More Hats Than I Have Heads with Ryann, Matt & Marcus

Aug 8 · 2 min read

They say it’s better to burn out than to fade away although fading away does not give you life-shortening hypertension, and many other things in this week’s episode. This week the guys talk about working yourself to the danger zone with their marital guest Ryann but first they jump around a whole mess of topics like a bunch of damn idiots. Topics like the film Summer School, the majesty of hot rods, the fine art of Qi Gong, how animal skulls are so easily accessible these days, the shaming of the American overlord Trump through design, accidentally getting company names wrong and not addressing it on the show, Olympic medals, masturbation suits and even a visit with their old friend Jerry King.

After a quick break, they get into the heart of the matter: burnout. They talk about the telltale signs they each experience when burnout starts creeping it’s nasty ass around, how vacations can be ruined by work even if you’re not working during your vacation, overloading your plate, dealing with other folks screwing with your serenity, the impending doom of deadlines, giving too much of a damn about projects, the seemingly impossible task of letting go of stress at home, cashing in your chips when things get too gnarly and how depression and stress are old friends. If nothing else it was cathartic! Enjoy the misery!

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This episode was accidentally brought to you by Etsy’s Cursed Paintings, Downers, Stevie Wonder’s Last Summer, Spark, Disliking Slack and other things.

Theme song written and performed by co-host, Marcus Farrell.

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