Episode 20 — Beastie Boys! F*ck! Horse! Wario! with Miles & Ryann

Sep 26 · 2 min read

It’s our 20th episode! What does that mean? It means there have been nineteen episodes previous to this one which they do not reflect on at all and many other things in this week’s episode! This week the bozos and their loverly guests, Miles & Ryann, discuss all the delights that are album covers. Before that they get into ding-dong Justin Trudeau taking himself down to brown town, Wario’s pleasure cry, brain recovery, good music that Matt likes and other people are wrong for not liking it because it’s great and they’re stupid, Machine Gun Kelly’s logo hunt, Spotify’s awesome design projects, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s website (which is awesome), AI-generated photos and a visit from renowned bag of crap Jerry King.

After the break they discuss their favorite album covers of all time and whether it was the design or the memories that made them great. They also discuss how album covers have changed from big, fancy, art-lovin’ vinyl to little thumbnails on your phone and how that affects our appreciation for them. From there they review a bunch of the “best” albums of 2019 according to Vulture to find out if the album cover is dead or alive and well. After that they play a “Guess the Blurred-Out Album Cover” game and plug Miles’ bands. It was a real hum-dinger! Enjoy!

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This episode was accidentally brought to you by Speed Dating, Partake Non-Beer, Headspace, and other things.

Theme song written and performed by co-host, Marcus Farrell.

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