Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

Well, this is the most emotionally abusive thing I’ve read in a while honestly. I’ll be quite honest, I shamelessly voted for Trump, and while in the beginning I had my concerns “Did I vote for the right one?”, after doing my research on his policies and ignoring what the media had to say about him, and seeing how liberals have been acting after the election, I’m damn proud that I voted for him.

Clearly, you didn’t do any of your research Amanda, and you’ve only listened to what the media had to say about him. Back in the early 2000s, while Clinton was expressing her belief that gay marriage was wrong and she didn’t support it, Donald Trump was being interviewed by Advocate Magazine (an LGBT ally magazine btw) and saying how he supported gay rights and he wanted to include attacks against LGBT folk as hate crimes and include a ban of discrimination against LGBT people in the Civil Rights Act. While the Clintons were against it, Trump favored the idea of gay marriage even though he does believe that marriage should traditionally be between a man and woman.

He’s racist? How exactly? What he’s said about minority groups and immigrants is sadly very true. Most black families in America tend to suffer from poverty more than whites. Certain areas in the city where poor blacks live have higher crime rates that need to be fixed. SOME Mexican immigrants that sneak into our country are bringing crime and SOME of them are rapists. He never equated “rapist” or “criminal” to the entirety of these groups. He wants to HELP those inner city black families in poverty. His whole “build a wall” rhetoric––if you’ve actually listened to him talk about it––he wants to deport the undocumented ILLEGAL CRIMINAL immigrants in our country to reduce crime, then strengthen our already existing immigration laws and borders. After that, he plans to find a way to make gaining citizenship more accessible for incoming immigrants and help those who are illegally here and wanting to work in our country earn their citizenship.

By the way, in case you didn’t know this: Trump’s whole “deporting immigrants” speech is just him vocalizing what Obama’s already been doing. Did you know that Obama has deported more immigrants than any other President? You probably wouldn’t since you’re so far up the Democrats ass. While you’re up there, how’s the KKK doing? Have we forgotten what major political party in the past created the KKK and actively supported slavery? It sure wasn’t the Republican party, who fought to end slavery and give equal rights to all Americans––which they’re still doing today.

Also, his endorsement from David Duke, the KKK leader? Trump denounced Duke years ago. Did you know that your hero Hillary Clinton has accepted her endorsement from William Quigg, a KKK leader in the West Coast? Robert Byrd, a KKK recruiter, is Clinton’s friend and mentor. Do we remember when she called all young black people “super predators?” Should I also remind everyone here that Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando night club shooter, was proudly supporting Clinton at one of her rallies? And you have the right to say she isn’t racist or that she actually cares about LGBT people? Based on your logic and this information, she’s also a racist and anti-LGBT.

What sexual assault are you talking about? All I remember is a leaked tape from over ten years ago of Trump doing some locker room talk. I’ll admit, that was embarrassing on his behalf, but how does that equal “admitting to sexual assault?” As a woman, I’m not offended or disgusted by it, I just find it embarrassing for him, and he even apologized for it. He thought it was a private conversation with a friend and turns out it wasn’t. He’s not advocating raping women, he’s saying things that most men tend to say about women when with their friends. It’s harmless locker room talk, and hell, even my friends and I have done it about men too. If me saying “I’d like to jump on his dick and ride him into the sunset” as an expression of my attraction to a male celebrity is an admission of sexual assault when I have never acted on this, then am I a rapist too? As for anyone in the comments saying that “Jane Doe” accused Trump of rape, where is your proof besides “he said, she said” and an anonymous victim on the media? I’ve never been raped, but I know it’s not something to take lightly and I do not condone it anyway. But that is a VERY SERIOUS accusation to throw out there. It’s not only emotionally exhausting for a victim, but an accusation like that can RUIN someone’s life even if the accused is truly innocent of the crime. You want to call Trump a rapist? Where is the court case declaring him guilty? I don’t want to accuse the “victim” of lying, because any victim’s claim should be considered valid and thoroughly looked into instead of laughed off. That’s something that should be decided in court with evidence and facts before people go around calling him something like that. Calling him a rapist when he’s not been proven to be one with actual evidence is defamation of his character, and completely unfair.

Meanwhile, your “feminist icon,” Hillary Clinton supports countries where women are treated unfairly, raped and battered, and gays are lashed and killed. Her husband, Bill Clinton, has been accused of sexual misconduct with many women for years, and there are even rape allegations against him (I’m uncertain if he was ever found guilty for them). Clinton has THREATENED these women into silence about their affair with Bill. When she was a lawyer in 1975, she was assigned to defend a 41 year old man named Thomas Alfred Taylor who had been accused of raping a 12 year old girl named Kathy Shelton. Clinton put that girl through hell, forcing her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she was “mentally unstable,” and minimized her rape claims as “nothing.” She told the girl that she wanted to have sex with this older man, she chased after him and fantasized it, and laughed at her. She proudly declares her victory in the case as she gets the guy off on a legal technicality with less than a year served in prison.

Need I also remind you that according to some of the deleted emails Clinton had, her Clinton Foundation is tied to a child sex trafficking ring with people in the DNC paying for sex with children? Really ruins lollipops as a candy for you, doesn’t it? Did you also know her female employees in the Clinton Foundation are paid LESS than the men? Look out feminism, here comes your new hero.

I could go on and on about Clinton’s crimes and retaliate your claims against Trump all night, but I feel like you and everyone else who may take the time to read this may get bored, and this would turn into one super long post, so I’m going to start summing this all up.

I voted for Donald Trump because after fully listening to his speeches and researching his positions, I’ve determined that he seems like the best choice as our new president. The media all this time has been twisting his words and painting him into this racist, homophobic, misogynistic tyrant, when that’s not true. He has expressed his desire to be a president of the people, and he wants to bring our country together as a whole, and help ALL groups, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. He, like myself, has a very egalitarian viewpoint and wants to make our country a safe and proud nation with equal rights for all. He has given us his ideas for plans and proposals on how to do that, and he has made helping our financial status and immigration laws some of his main priorities. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the social issues or the smaller groups’ problems in our country, but they’ve taken a backseat to some things that are a bit more important at the moment. He may say some politically incorrect things, but he comes across as a guy with fresh new ideas to improve America and our relations with other countries. He’s been our president-elect for almost a month now, and he’s already gotten so much done before he’s even been inaugurated into office.

In addition to that, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have even be able to RUN for president with all those scandals she had under her belt. If she had won the election, I would be terrified––much like you are feeling now. She has been proven to be a liar, she has been proven to take bribes, and she is just, in general, one of the most corrupt politicians in America. I would have feared for my safety with her as president. I also didn’t understand her message as a candidate. She had ideas, yes, but she never really expressed detailed plans on how to carry out those ideas and make them happen and how they would work. She seemed like the candidate who only said things to get votes, but probably wouldn’t carry out her promises once in office. Her message was also mixed in there with “first female president of America!” and “I’ve been here for thirty years, it’s my turn!” Voting for someone based on gender alone is a step back for feminism, honestly. And she may have been there for thirty years, but it’s my opinion that she was not deserving of the promotion. It’s not sexism because she lost, it’s 100% fair that she lost. She lost because she was not the inspiring candidate that Trump made himself out to be.

After all that, I’m coming back to your actual message, Amanda. You’re sitting here claiming that your friends and family who voted for Trump can’t possibly love you because of the person they put on their ballot? And that the only way you can forgive them is if they donate to certain groups? That’s manipulative and entitled behavior, in my opinion. I believe that YOU must not love them instead of the other way around. I don’t know your friends and family, but I can assure you that not all Trump supporters voted for him because of the media painted “racist, homophobe” image of him. They voted for him because they saw what I saw, and that’s what they wanted. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion you do, Amanda, and that’s something that you, and everyone else here praising this letter and claiming how “brave” it is, need to respect. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but part of being a mature adult is listening to other sides and opinions and respecting them, even if there is disagreement among the parties.

Your letter is basically shutting down everyone who has an opposing opinion to yours because you don’t like it or what they have to say, and that’s extremely disrespectful. I don’t think this letter is heartfelt or brave, I think it’s very entitled, immature, and rude. I’m honestly appalled that you took the time to write this and publicly threaten your loved ones into proving that they really care about you by doing something they DON’T HAVE to do if they don’t want to. How exactly are you setting a good example for your daughter if you can’t accept an opposite opinion from yours? Let me make this clear, there is no such thing as a right or wrong vote (unless a candidate is obviously a dictator claiming to murder certain groups, then that’s obviously wrong), and declaring things like “if you voted for Trump, you’re WRONG” is just as bullying as you claim all Trump supporters to be. You are invalidating our feelings and thoughts and prioritizing your own emotions, which is extremely selfish.

I understand and respect your feelings of fear of what’s to come, and they are 100% valid. But that does not give you the right to cut out your loved ones because of who they voted for. That does not give you the right to shut down their own feelings and opinions on the matter. Instead of writing lengthy messages subtly hinting at how wrong these people in your life are for voting Trump, perhaps find a way to civilly discuss your views and opinions with them and understand where they’re coming from. Try keeping an open mind instead of being so narrow like you are here. If you can’t do that, then, well, I suppose you do deserve to lose these people who care about you.

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