Dear JavaScript,
Jamie Kyle

While I understand very well the demotivation and sadness you feel from negative feedback, there are two things I disagree.

  1. This has nothing to do with JavaScript. It doesn’t matter if you discuss about immigration, breastfeeding, women in computer games or Angular 2. Fact is that there is an extremely toxic culture of discussion (even calling it like that seems like giving it too much honor) on most social web platforms. I’m sad to hear that this epidemic has spread to GitHub.
    (By the way: isn’t a pull request not per se constructive criticism?)
  2. I’m not sure if there are justifiable reasons for offending the persons behind a project. But I think it is okay to call a project failed if you have good arguments. And the Angular 2 post has some points, that’s not just clueless ranting.

You can’t expect to release something and get well-balanced feedback and encouraging words from people who spent days to work around your bad decisions. There’s no such thing as constructive criticism when your project is completely on the wrong way. And it’s important to say that something is bad because only that makes progress possible. Even if it hurts the feelings of the creators (no irony, I know this kind of pain).

(Disclaimer: I’m biased here because I think Angular 2 is a failure beyond repair and a powerful warning for what frontend development should not be like.)

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