“What’s the best Football Analytics piece you’ve ever read?”

Recently on Fanalytics Blogs I was asked the following:

A good question. There are probably a few pieces that those interested in Football Analytics agree are fundamental. Michael Caley’s Expected Goal piece from last year instantly springs to mind, for example.

But the question I feel is more interesting is what is the best article you’ve read? This question is a lot more open to interpretation, and therefore means a more wide ranging of replies are likely to be given.

So having asked on twitter, and in no particular order, here’s a list of great stuff to read. You’ll find these enjoyable if you’re just getting involved in Football Analytics, or looking for inspiration on a current project. Additionally something I feel the ‘community’ doesn’t do enough of is building on previous works, so hopefully this serves as a good repo of projects to build on.

Additionally this isn’t a complete list and isn’t intended to devalue the efforts of other analysts. It’s a list of the pieces that after reading them you think….damn, that was good. Onto the list!

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