Pundi X

At the moment, many goods and services can be paid using popular crypto currency. But this is still isolated cases. Crypto currency is still far from convenient and familiar to us use.

The developers of the Pundi X project have set themselves a serious task. They want everyone to be able to buy simple goods for us like bread or milk using the crypto currency. To do this, a payment system will be developed that will simplify the payment between the buyer and the seller. To facilitate this task, the developers plan to place their own payment terminal Pundi X POS in each outlet. Thanks to this terminal, transactions will be faster and safer.

The Pundi X sales network is a POS POS (Point-of-Sales) X device. Consumers only require a “Pound X Pass” card to purchase cryptocurrency from Pundi X POS devices, and the store may charge crypto charges on the user’s card, without physical contact. Consumers can also purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currency, bank cards, or digital wallet apps.

The network built by Pundi X to serve diversity. Help developers and block holder blocks for regular consumer cons like never before, so ordinary people can buy your tokens and services, or just learn about what you have to offer.
Now the buyer only needs to exchange his crypto currency for PXS tokens and pay and services at all outlets with the Pundi X POS installed.

Each Pundi X POS device is connected to the Ethereal block with XPlugins. As a result, every physical outlet is part of the blockade and etereum developers from around the world can connect with Pundi X’s network of devices and physical outlets.

- Pundi X Management Platform
— Connect shop with Pundi X
— Sell cryptocurrency stores everywhere
— Make a payment using a digital wallet
— Connected to other crytocurrency exchange

Data collection in each store. Buy cryptourrency using fiat, bank card, mobile wallet or X Pass Pundi.


  • Stage 1: Extra 15% off token
    * Stage 2: Extra token discount of 10%
    * Stage 3: Extra token discount of 5%
    * Stage 4: no
    * October 30 10:00 GMT +8
    * We accept ETH: 500 PXS

Pre-ICO details

* October 7th at 10:00 GMT + 8
Additional extensions 30%

Register your email on pundix.com to stay up-to-date, get the best deals that match your investment amount.

We accept ETH for PXS
Ratio 1 ETH = 500 PXS
This ICO is not an IPO (Initial Public Offering)
Pre-ICO: Investor Token can visit Pundi X website before ICO sign up first with their email address. Investors will enjoy an extra profit based on the pledged amount.
PXS Amount: If this ICO does not generate 35,000,000 PXS tokens in sales, the company is entitled to use the remaining tokens for the second ICO. The token price for each second ICO will be greater than this round, and the current token holder will also be rewarded. Management reserves the right to terminate this ICO and, if this decision is taken, all investments invested will be returned to the original investor.

Funding Allocation

The team sets ambitious goals and plans to put more than 500 payment terminals in Indonesian outlets by the end of this code, and by the middle of next year to enter the US market.

The team consists of specialists in the spectrum of the spectrum who are able to implement such an ambitious project. In addition to the developers, various consultants from the financial sector, marketing, security, etc. have joined the project. No doubt all these people are able to provide a working and useful project in the near future.

Fundraising has already begun. At the moment, Pre-ICO passes. Everyone can purchase PXS tokens with a 30% discount at the rate of 1 ETH = 650 PXS. Public sale of tokens will begin in November and will end in December this year. The final token exchange rate at the end of the ICO is 1 ETH = 500 PXS.



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