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The contraveners of the government approach to the 4th Saudi Arabia are very fluent in terms like, “The media’s curse on Saudi Arabia” and “Self-tyranny in the new Saudi Arabia”… etc. The affected by the regulations of the new fourth Saudi Arabia as a Major and Lofty World Force on all powers, are agitating by saying those terms joyfully and revere those who say them. The truth is that what I write is not intended to such categories of readers and commentators, even though I am considered one of them rather than being writer, but now I am working hard to possess and seek objectivity whenever I have the opportunity, and only highlight the approach of the Fourth Estate in the new Saudi Arabia.

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Abdullah Al-Salem, as I want

I’m Abdulla Al-Salem, who is a man that likes literature, children, films, women, music and God.

I sketch the planet in its precise details on a small petal of sunflower, but I’m just lounging around to fetch only two loaves of bread from the neighboring shop, what is the problem…

Before we start with the concept of success, most of us should have seen here and there glamorous headlines and attractive advertisements. …

Qatar Blockade

Lots of people wonder in the Gulf deadlock about the real reasons of Qatar blockade, as they were not convinced of the offered reasons given by the countries of siege, which are repeated by their followers whether through media channels or social media either malignancy or ignorant. …

– How do you fool people so quickly and imagine that you have the secrets of the universe?

– How do you play role of savior and expert front of naive people?

– Learn how to polish yourself in front of audiences in six steps.

– Learn to delude your companion, your future business partner, and recruitment team that you are the right person even if you are, in fact,The devil himself.

If you are interested, register with us for our next course: I recommend you to Self-development and skills development, and your drawings are paid, we promise to issue you an accredited expert’s certificate in which to do this lucrative business.

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وسوم الشاعر القطري عبدالله السالم : مدونة شخصية قطرية ثقافية
مدونة الشاعر الناقد القطري عبدالله السالم، الأدب والفن، الفكر والسياسة، الحياة والناس، مقالات أدبية ثقافية سياسية وعن الشأن القطري والفلسفة والشعر

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A poet, writer and blogger from Qatar. if u prefer Arabic if u prefer English

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