Chatbot or Live Chat? The Question Everyone Is Asking

Nov 21, 2018 · 4 min read
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The last time you interacted with a live chat agent, it probably didn’t feel “live”. Often, live chats leave you hanging without a response or ask for your email address only to get back to you later (which isn’t in the next 48 hours). This increases the turnaround time, while increasing frustration!

Why do live chats fail?

With endless queries streaming in and having to employ many humans to take care of those interactions, live chats are often difficult to work with. The customer is kept on hold which becomes irritating, to say the least. Not to mention the repetitive questions like ‘Can I have your order number / shipment id?’. The complex interface also adds to the problem. The whole procedure of contacting a live chat becomes daunting and laborious for the customer as well as for the agent.

With the innovation in technology, chatbots are now taking up the virtual interactive space, and rightly so. Chatbots have simplified the aspect of user engagement and customer retention. How? Let’s find out!

1. Scalability

Chatbots are a clear winner when it comes to scalability. Chatbots engage with thousands of customers at the same time, in a personalized and optimized manner. This gives the customers instant answers, without them having to wait.

2. No Human Supervision

Enter chatbots and that problem is solved!

Once trained, chatbots cater to each and every chat smoothly without any human supervision required. Does this mean chatbot replaces the employees? Absolutely not! Chatbots simply automate the routine tasks so that your team can focus on more complex tasks.

3. Savings galore

But chatbots are pocket-friendly versions of live chats. You need to invest just once in your chatbot and it is there to stay!

Also, by adding chatbots into your business, you’ll be increasing your revenue, as your current employees will be given time to focus on nurturing leads and closing sales, while chatbots perform the day-to-day activities.

4. 24*7 Availability

But chatbots are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to engage with your customers, without incurring you any extra cost, unlike live chat.

5. Ease Of Use

Chatbots come with a clean and unified interface on which your website visitor talks to the bot and it replies. With this, you still have complete control on your bot via the same interface where you train it and make it smarter.

In Conclusion

Chatbots are not here to replace humans, but to assist us.

Chatbots are here to assist their human counterparts in getting more done. If the customer needs to talk to an agent, the right chatbot solution will notify the agent about the same, thus eliminating the need to constantly monitor the conversation.

Chatbots are emerging as the next step in filling the gaps in business processes. Chatbots are assisting humans to drive more sales by improving marketing, customer engagement and customer retention. Wouldn’t you want to make the most of the chatbot revolution?!


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