Why energy and time are more valuable than money

A new year is about to start, which means it’s time to wrap up 2015: time for reflection. What were my biggest learnings, successes, failures and what will I do differently or the same in 2016?

Insight number one : Why it’s fantastic and difficult being 27 in 2015. You can read about it in my previous post.

Here’s insight number two:
Energy and time are more valuable than money.

Work wise it was my first year freelancing full time. I’m pretty proud to say I managed to survive financially, grow professionally and build a stronger portfolio. Thereby I invested time, energy and personal money in new projects. Some of them succeeded, others failed, which is totally fine.

On a personal level I’m very happy I met a lot of new people in 2015, some of them have become really good friends. There were two major break-ups. Number one was with my girlfriend. Secondly I broke up with singing classes.

Respect your own and others time and energy

All written above is a response to better management of my time and energy. If I want to be great in my job, inspire people, see friends, play drums, have a relationship, develop myself or do whatever I need both.

I learned my most precious values are time and energy. Of course money is crucial as well but simple said: you can’t buy time or energy, but with time and energy I can make money. Everybody can!

This means I started to make decisions based on these two values. Both on a professional and personal level. If something doesn’t give me energy or drains my energy then I rather invest my time in something or someone else.

Of course also I do jobs because the money is needed. But I’m trying to be more selective. In the end it’s my goal that 100% of my work will provide energy, makes me happy and pays the bill. But that’s a longer term plan…

I learned that my clients, network and friends really like this approach. Because I’m being honest and they like the fact I invest in my own projects and personal development.

Probably it sounds easy to just quit something when it starts draining you, but that’s not exactly how I work. When I’ve invested time and energy in people and work I’ll always try to make it happen by pivoting. Nevertheless sometimes things just don’t work out. Like with my girlfriend and singing classes.

Make time to recharge your energy

The more energy I have, the better I’m at my job and hobbies. Thereby I’m a more happy person and more friendly towards my friends, family and clients. Who likes talking to or working with people who are tired and unfriendly?

What’s kind of obvious is that I need to recharge. What I didn’t realise is that I can be better in control of doing so.

The first thing I started doing more is working out. At the moment I work out at least twice a week but my goal is to push it up to three or even four times. It might be my age but I’m feeling much better and productive when I work out more. I’m performing on a higher level, it’s a huge difference! Also I recover much faster after a heavy night out.

Secondly I want to become more conscious about my food and drinking consumption. Don’t worry, I love meat and I’m not the vegan type. Still one day a week vegetarian and one day fish can make a difference. Likewise lowering down my alcohol consumption has a big influence on my body and energy.

Most important: I’m going to invest more time in stuff I really love, I can learn from, inspires me, makes me happy and gives me energy. For example reading books, visiting cities, seeing friends or family, meeting new people and become a better musician.

Since I’ve picked up drumming there’s a bigger smile on my face. I’m playing jazz drums and reading about it as well. It’s both personal education and building up to become a great, and who knows, a professional drummer…


In 2016 I want to become even better in using time and energy as values for making decisions. I truly believe people will respect the decisions and even appreciate me for doing so.

So yes, money is important. Still I truly believe that when I’m managing my time and energy in the right way money wise I’ll be all good. There will be some kind of transition phase but I’ll survive.

Work and people cost energy. Nothing new. What I started learning in 2015 and will improve in 2016 is to become better in recharging my energy level. And probably become a bit more healthy as well.


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