3 Ways to Make Your Company’s Customer Service Feel Human

Lately, industry automation — that is, when a technological process replaces a task once done by people — is a topic that’s dominated news outlets. Construction will be automated, stories say. Driving will be automated. Service at restaurants will be automated, too.

But robots can’t replace customer service. At least, that’s what a new survey from B2B research and reviews company Clutch says. In a study of 468 people who called a business with an issue, the chance to speak to a live person was the top priority of all callers.

Customers also place importance on friendliness and easy communication. If your business interacts frequently with your customers — and if you’re reading this blog, it probably does — make sure to keep these data points in mind when deciding how you’ll handle customer service scenarios, whether over the phone, chat, or email.

Let’s explore some ways your business can provide the best customer service possible.
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