4 Tips to Motivate your Customer Support Team.

Every customer support team member is the voice of your company, and ensuring that all customers are happy when contacting your company is vital. Good help can be provided via various channels, like email, live chat, phone and other means. In every instance, the manner in which your support rep communicates directly influences the way your company is perceived.

Taking good care of your client service requires knowledge and proper means to encourage their professional work. Below you can find the most important points to think about and the ways you can ensure that everything works as desired.

Set up good communication practices with your customer service team

Bosses underestimated the power of motivating their customer service teams. If the behind the scenes management is able to talk and listen to front line staff this surely leads to a better understanding and appreciation of the work they have at your company. Although customer service reps are usually entry level positions for low-skilled workers, the influence they have on your business’ future is undeniable. Listen to their grievances s that they can listen to the customers in the same way.

Setting up comfortable and less formal communication channels between customer service team members with their management, lets them feel welcome and heard. Besides, management can share their insights and new ideas with them to help them make the right decisions when helping customers and improve their general experience of the company.

Train your team members

Having a great support team requires also providing them with proper tools to propel their work. Taking their communication with clients to the next level can be done with the help of professional development and training. Investing in them pays off big time. Nurturing your customer reps’ skill and talents ensures that they deliver effective solutions to your customers’ queries and they utilize their skills to ensure maximum positive impact.

Training can always be used to improve your team’s motivation and improve recurring problematic issues your customers have complained about. With a large customer rep team, you can employ e-learning systems to allow your workers to learn on the go. These online courses can be accessed and don’t require extra effort on your part while improving your team’s performance at work.

Encourage positive performance

Spending time mentoring and coaching each and every customer service team member brings forth good fruit. Unfortunately, management takes little effort in creating a good atmosphere inside the customer relations department. The only number that counts is the number of clients serviced. This practice should be abandoned as although the quantity is important, making people rush makes them provide worse customer care and gets them overly stressed. Under such conditions, people will quit very often, and it’s common knowledge that it’s better to retain employees than to find and train new ones.

As a boost, you should take extra time to do your rounds in the office and encourage your staff for the quality of their work. Hearing that you are doing a good job does wonders to general mood inside the company. Service professionals like no other love. Give them their numbers in a report, but also tell them in person how valuable there are.

Manage workload properly

Taking into account the previously mentioned goals, your employees may start running away if their workload is unmanageable. Couple that with penalty charges for missed and no matter how talented your support team is it will disappear pretty quickly. Cutting costs is sometimes a necessary and the only option available, but if you demand too much from your reps, they will burn out. This is dangerous as your clients will suffer as a result, and dissatisfied customers lead to poor sales. And you will need to cut costs even further and so on in a never-ending loop.

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