7 Best Practices of How to Make your Support Team More Productive

All companies strive to improve employee productivity. It has always been a primary goal for any business that wants to grow, as productivity is closely related to corporate earnings. 9 of 10 US consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience which fully lies on the productivity of customer support. If you’re an owner of outsourcing customer support, perhaps you’ve questioned how to increase the productivity of your staff and reduce the level of stress. It’s not a secret that stressed out support team comes to naught except decreased customer satisfaction and, as a result, damaged brand image.

According to the research conducted by Bureau of National Affairs, US companies lose $11 billion annually because of employee turnover.

So what steps should you take to improve an efficiency of your customer support and put your staff in a more productive mindset?
Here at WOW24–7, we aim to keep the quality of provided support services on the highest level. Therefore, we pay special attention to the productivity of the team and involvement of every member in the process. We would like to share a few practical suggestions that helped us achieve very positive results.

Top 7 best practices that will increase the productivity of your support team


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