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Your Customers Want You to Call Them

Customer satisfaction relies heavily on the way you contact them. In a nutshell, if your company uses phone as one of the communication channels, your clients expect you to call them. Sometimes, customers do call you when they have some problems and cannot solve them using the info you have provided on your site. But guess what? They don’t really want to do it.

If a telephone is a central problem-solving tool for your business, then you should consider providing a “request a call” service. And here is why:

· When calling your customers yourself, you speed up the process;

· Your service becomes more personal and carrying;

· You have a chance to sell additional goods;

· You can drive conversions to the right category and direct your clients to purchasing.

Most of your customers think that you care about them more, when you call them yourself.

Some of them do not want to disturb you or hesitate to start a conversation. Moreover, when customers have to call you themselves, they may get a feeling that they do your work instead of you. As our A/B testing shows, the customer return rate is 75% higher when you call them within 10 minutes after they have placed the order. If you do so, they would be more satisfied with your service and will stick to your company, leading to better customer retention.

It is a great idea to call your clients right after they have filled out the order form on your website, but that’s not all. Continue reading to learn why you should make your presence felt from time to time.

Be constantly in touch with your market

When you loose the touch with your customers or make your company more for you than for them, you risk to become unwanted. Calling your clients regularly, you can avoid this issue. Moreover, your business can benefit from the following options:

· Inform your clients about new trends

Your business offers or values can change over time. The more opportunities you disclose, the more they will be interested in your service.

· Upsell additional services

When you call your clients yourself, you can get them coming back and buying more. They might not even be informed about other services and products you provide. Call your clients to educate them on different offers.

· Get testimonials

Also, staying in touch with your clients allows you to learn whether your service or product helped them. They will be happy and flattered by the fact that you care about their opinion and value them as customers.

It is true that your customers want to be valued. Short phone calls won’t take too much time and effort, but they will help you build better trust and loyalty. When you use our new “request a call” function, one of our support representatives contacts your clients to solve issues, confirm orders, and see how they are doing to leave non-erasable positive impression about your company.