Chats or Calls?

Choosing the most effective channel for customer support

Happy customers are the greatest value you have, right? The relations between you and your clients are clear — they vote for your product with their bills. Due to this, all entrepreneurs know for sure that delivering effective customer care does make sense. Every successful entrepreneur should understand that excellent support helps a lot to win the competitive struggle and transform occasional customer into the regular buyer.

There are no other options for businesses than adjust or die. Killer customer support fight for clients, not against them. But which channels are the best for winning service? The answer is obvious:

provide support in the channels where your customers are.

Some people think that phone call is the easiest way to get their problems solved. At the same time, others simply hate hanging on the phone. It has been said that clients prefer to call support via phone rather than choose email or other internet connection options. However, this tendency has changed. More and more customers begin to chat with agents in real time using this little windows pop up on the website called live chats.

So, what channel is better to choose for your business: traditional phone line or instant online chat software? Let’s take a look at pros and cons for both of them.

Ring Ring! Take the call

In fact, the phone is still the most popular way of getting customer support, as it gives the feeling that all client’s problems will be solved immediately (at least theoretically). Historically, telephone became a must-have tool for supports. And even if you’re running an online business, the customers still want to reach their phone to call you. No doubt, the phone gives a glimpse of a personal touch as clients can talk to the real person and hear the agent’s voice. Also, most of the people speak much faster than type.

On the flip side, when it comes to usability, the nature of phone support has some major deficiencies. Primarily, it takes a lot of efforts on the client’s’ part. Once they have issues and want to contact you, they should take time to find your phone number, enter it, navigate through menu options and wait until the agent picks the phone up. Everyone knows that lengthy wait times and annoying background noise always feel unbearable. Whether you believe in it or not but this extra effort can harm the business and become your greatest headache.

Besides, phone support is a massive investment that small companies simply can’t afford.

Thanks to the internet, today we have much more cost-effective and convenient ways of offering customer support. For example, when a buyer wants to make an online purchase, there is no need to ask them spend money on calls or wait for an email reply. Here is when live chat comes in handy!

According to the Pew Research Center, the biggest part of Americans use online messaging more frequently than calls. This is a growing trend because it’s quicker and easier. So, when the company does everything right and offer a simple way to chat with the real representative, clients get the help they need immediately.

Real-time helper

Psychologists prove that customers often buy spontaneously under on the spur of the moment. E-commerce organizations try to catch their potential buyers in the moment of hesitation by creating an emotional impulse that might push him further through the order process.

With the help of live chat, you can create a direct connection on the website there your clients is about to click on the “Order” button.

While live chat is an innovative and extra useful option, make sure that you have enough traffic before set it up on the site. If yes, you’re on the right way. But if no, it’ll be wisely for you to spend money on Google Adwords campaign and search engine optimization.

At the same time, for a law firm or real estate, even one client can draw a significant profit. There could be not so many visitors on the website, but each of them is of great worth. Chat is quite relevant here as even twenty visitors a day can pay off rapidly. In this case, several large-scale deals after chat are more than enough to cover all monthly expenses for live chat software.

Important to mention that placing chat on your website you guarantee your client a fast help. So, having in your team the well-skilled agents who are able to handle multiple connections at once and use proper language is a must for an efficient chatting. Using pre-written responses to common issues cuts wait time and eliminating nerve-racking “Please hold the line, your call is important to us.”

In any case, before providing customer support, you should analyze the industry and find the best channel for your business and your customer needs.

First of all, explore the most common options and then figure out the most effective for you. By determining a client’s’ whereabouts, you can realize where you should focus the support resources. And remember, there is no need to use every single channel at once. Ask an experienced customer support provider for help, and he’ll surely find the right solution.

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