Social Media Marketing is Crucial for Your Customer Support Strategy

Supporting customers is an ever-evolving process which includes an activity in social media resources.

There is no doubt, that social media oriented customer service will help you to grow your business. Your customer is the modern one and by delivering great support on the social platforms you can build strong relationships.

It is no longer a question that social media content became important for every your customer.

JD Power research shows that 67% of 23k online consumers prefer to contact the company via social media for support. And many of them are interested in the informational activity of this company on social networking sites.

Gartner study shows that companies who ignore support in social media are 15% less liked by consumers than companies who do not.

This article will help you to pick up best practices for your social media strategy and to improve your social support strategy.

So, how to win your customer satisfaction in social media?
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