The Convenient Realm:

From Customer Support Agent to Team Lead

Have you ever heard the saying: “The customer is always right”? No doubt, it’s an undeniable truth that clients are the lifeblood of every company who make the business world in general go round. The customers buy a product or make use of services, as well as give feedback that help entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

In fact, the heavy percentage of clients just refuse to deal with the company due to poor customer experience. In such case, a business should consider every support interaction as a chance to both acquire and retain.

The modern customer support is a combination of professional customer service, tech support, and customer success. Today clients resort to support with more complex questions. So to be a high performer, an average customer support agent should be not just a people person, but also a skilled problem-solver.

After years in support, I can say without any doubt that it’s ever-evolving occupation. To achieve career success in this sphere, one should realize its value and the vital role that customer support plays in conducting an effective business strategy.

Progress is everything

When I was asked at the interview why I wanted to work as a customer support representative, I quickly responded: “Because I have a real passion for helping people!” It turns out that being a support agent isn’t only answering people’s questions all day long. Primarily, it’s all about helping them fall in love with your company. Representatives of support are ambassadors of particular brands. If their job is done right, clients always come back. Due to this, people who are interacting with customers on behalf of organization have an incredible influence on business prosperity.

I started my career in outsourcing customer support two years ago. As a student from the small provincial town who have just graduated with a degree in English and literature, I was looking for a well-paid and steady job. Joining a support team gave me an opportunity to stay in the big city and put my language skills into practice. Besides, I always wanted to develop my sociability and learn leading principles of efficient communication — what it should be and where it should go.

At first, it wasn’t a piece of cake at all. I needed to constantly improve my vocabulary and pronunciation, adjust my style of communication and learn how to be a team player. On the other side, with the flexible work schedule, I’ve became a multitasking person. After a while, I took extra responsibilities and was soon promoted to the team lead of the customer care department.

There is always room for improvement

I strongly believe that to start a career in this field, you don’t need to have a specialized education. You have to be self-possessed, quick-response, persistent and professional in your communication. Besides, if helping others doesn’t motivate you, you’ll quickly lose the interest. To become a pro, you need to talk to customers in a personal way and try to put yourself in their shoes. Of course, it’s challenging. On the other hand, an easy job means you don’t improve your skills and as a result never reach your full earning potential.

In the modern business environment, clients needs are changing right along. Being an excellent customer service rep is hard, but the reward is worth it.

Loyal customers will spread the word about your business that consequently brings you more happy clients. Just remember, you’re not going to stay there forever — use this time to master your skills that will be an excellent basis for your future career development.

Based on my experience, I suggest you start a career as a customer support agent. Blend with the team, improve the skills that you think might come in handy later, communicate with others about the industry to advance in knowledge, and take the initiative to demonstrate your value. Be proud of your job. That will help you elevate not only your personal career but also promote a customer support as a profession.