WOWCube Is The First Rubik’s Cube Inspired Gaming Console

After three generations of prototypes, endless lines of code, and weeks of molding, the WOWCube team is proud to publicly present the WOWCube gaming console.

So, what is WOWCube?

WOWCube is the first gaming console ever that one can twist, shake, and turn in one’s hands. We took great inspiration from the classic Rubik’s Cube when designed our own Cube.

  • WOWCube’s shape consists of eight autonomous modules combined together in a way that enables rotation (four square segments on each face of the cube) very similar to that of a Rubik’s Cube
  • Each of the autonomous modules has three sub-display panels mounted to its outer faces
  • A patented magnetic connector enables a continuous flow of information between the autonomous modules, ensuring an amazing and seamless gaming experience
  • WOWCube comes preloaded with several games including Pipes, Scrabble, Space, Puzzle, and Maze; more games can be loaded onto the device through the WOWCube Store mobile app and via Bluetooth connection

In addition, you will be able to load WOWCube with up to 24 games! And, even better, you’ll be able to create your own games with the use of our custom SDK.

You can print your own WOWCube and create your own games!

We are making it possible for indie game developers and amateurs alike to create their own games for the WOWCube by using our custom SDK (currently in alpha) that will soon be available on GitHub.

The SDK includes:

  • Programming environment IDE
  • PAWN programming language (similar to C)
  • PAWN game compiler
  • WOWCube games emulator for desktop or desktop app

Even if you don’t currently have WOWCube, you still can create games and see how they work on the device by using our desktop app.

We are also planning to publish the WOWCube API to create the games with PAWN. It will soon be published with many of the basic features. We’re not stopping there, however, as developers of our team are constantly working to make the products and infrastructure even better!

First awards!

I pitched WOWCube this Wednesday, May 30th, at the SVOD conference in Mountain View, California, and WOWCube was awarded with the Audience Award 2018!

The history of WOWCube

We started on this project back in 2016 with a 3D printer, Monoprice, and the idea to create a gaming console for the Flappy Bird game.

Inspired by the Sifteo product that was introduced to the market in 2014, we took the idea of experimenting with gaming consoles even further by printing out the body of the game console, with only one button, that was powered by an Arduino Nano microprocessor.

This is how the original product looked:

WOWCube. First Generation

And here’s what it looks like now!

WOWCube. Third generation

At present, we have received investment amounts totaling $500K which will be used to create new prototypes in 2018! This will be building on the three generations of the WOWCube that we have already created. Good job, team!

The first game developed for WOWCube was Space. You can see the video of it working on the test device.

In December 2017, we received the first patent in Russia, which was issued by the Russian government patent agency, Rospatent. We also have both US and Chinese patents are pending, which is very exciting for the team!

The concept of the twisty game console is strong in our mind

We started doing this because we believe people have always loved fidgeting and interacting with something in their hands — it’s a soothing experience that brings emotional pleasure. Think of the slinky, the yo-yo, and the recently popular fidget spinners. On the other hand (no pun intended), people love gaming on the go, and our WOWCube combines both!

Start of sales

The third generation of the prototype is ready to be shown to industry leaders and journalists at the conference. If you are interested in meeting me in San Francisco, please, ping me via e-mail savva @ or my Facebook page.

WOWCUBE (CubiOs Inc.)

Written by

Savva Osipov, Ilya Osipov, Semen Orlov, Max Filin and other from WOWCube. Our story, invention and startup

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