You wanna hate on Hillary? Fine. But stick to her policies.
Sara Kiesler

Debates are largely meaningless, but when one moderator asked the candidates, “Do ‘black lives matter,’ or do ‘all lives matter?’” it was telling that Hillary dodged the question. Bernie, on the other hand, replied without hesitation, “Black lives matter.” But in any event his policies would do more for POC than Hill’s centrist platform could.

Anyway, you’re right — best to focus on policy, not character. If you care about the environment as much as you say you do, and I think you do because I met you at a Sierra Club event one year, you should not support Hillary because of the way she’s propped up U.S. oil companies and helped undermine foreign countries’ environmental regulations.

*Some* Bern supporters might resort to hateful/biggoted language (which I have not observed on a personal level but can believe based on the demo of his supporters), but to borrow your own thesis, shouldn’t we focus on policies rather than the politics surrounding his supporters?