The Logo Story, WowMe!!

What’s the 3rd most important thing that comes to your mind after having “this-will-change-the-world-idea” and “the-coolest-startup-name”?

It is obviously the

“Brand Logo”,
which helps people recognise you & your brand in the crowd. :)

When you are in the bootstrapping mode, spending too much on a “logo-design” is not a very great idea!

So, we decided to do what we learnt in engineering! One of my friend @TrishaChhabra had designed a few amazing logos back in B-School. “The day I start up, you are gonna design an ultra cool logo for me as well” is how I booked her for my own startup!
We went the famous Jugaad way.

One day, I called her up to share the story behind the brand name “WowMe” and with that briefing, she embarked on the journey of doing something that she was always good at but never took professionally.

After couple of days, she came up with a few designs but neither she nor we at WowMe, were fully convinced with them! We started Googling around for more ideas.

We finally, came up with 3 designs, and asked around our friends on Whatsapp groups. We went to the extent of doing the polling. The majority voted for this! Yes, it was indeed a “Eureka” moment for us!

We knew, we can play around with this and make something really awesome.

The name was WowMe. Hence we wanted that ‘W’ & ‘M’ impression.

So, we rotated it 90º clockwise. And then we had this one.

The reason for not playing around with colours of logo was pretty simple.

So, the colours and association with logo was the least time consuming for us. :)

Now, notice the logo carefully and you’ll find two triangles merging with each other.

We were launching the app with Tinder-esque UI where you swipe right if you like something and swipe left if you don’t.

The triangles were apt for showing the “swiping” action thru thumbs.

Moreover, we also decided to slant the edges. We had 2 primary reasons behind it:

a) to make it look more like ‘W’

b) the swipes i.e. thumb movements on mobile screen were always bit slanted

Something was still missing, but we had no idea what!

So we sent this design to @huckingfacker (Shyamal Dave) for his feedback and he was quick to give his suggestions. He said,

The angles are a bit sharp, make them a bit curvy.” Woahhh!

And finally, we had the logo for our ongoing startup, WowMe!! :)

:Colour Codes:
Pink: #e61571 , r:230 g:21 b:113
Blue: #2bbdc5 , r:43 g:189 b:197
Purple: #261e54 , r:38 g:30 b:84

:WOW ME Fonts:

PS: It took us couple of days, few phone calls and some photoshop skills to come up with (what we really think, a cool) logo.

The Poll Results

PPS: Thank you everyone for giving us your worthy suggestions and feedback to come up with a good logo. Cheers :)

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I’m @SojitraHardik. Founder at @WowMeIn.
We launched our shoe shopping app on Play Store last month.
download android app from here: ;
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