Abstract Autumn by Marion Rose

Infatuation must be linked to insanity because I swear I’m going crazy about him. Eight months ago I bit into a pear and tasted a plum. Trace an eight and sketch the outline of our fate. I want this feeling forever. He holds my hand and my thumbs go numb. I’m not longer opposable to anything.

I’m quick sand along his sea shore. I want him more than the ocean wants its waves. I’m breathing easy under his water. Inside out and upside down. Carve me in and squeeze me out. Paint his portrait inside my skull because every thought reflects his image.

I’m eating strawberry shortcake atop sycamore trees. This treehouse is a portal to heaven. I asked God for a blessing and He showered me with shooting stars. I made one wish and all my dreams came true. This Fall feels like love and I hope he’s falling too.

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