A muddled mind has little space for musings. A weak spirit reacts before reflecting.

You seek externally what you lack internally. Evolved energies look inward for fulfillment.

You don’t find peace — you build it. You wage wars within yourself to win it.

You are your strongest when you are your most vulnerable. Anything less than authenticity is a waste of energy.

You vibrate lower when you don’t uplift yourself. Wounds stay open when you don’t tend to them.

Even the most mundane moments are miraculous. Life itself is reason for eternal gratitude.

Internal reflections reveal the visually imperceptible: the evolution of your minds multitudes. Harvest the fruits of your inner work. Collect their seeds. Continue to plant yourself in soil that will fertilize your progression.


Art: Sandro Botticelli, Primavera (detail), 1482

Words: @wowmiriam