Transforming burdens into blessings

Hans Magden, Reaching for the Sun, 2017

Spiritual alchemy can transform burdens into blessings. Through inner work we can bury our hardships like seeds and nourish them through our healing.

This is especially important to remember during the times in which we feel hopeless. When things are going wrong we tend to run out of patience. Our full hearts often get depleted by pouring into people, jobs, or projects we are passionate about. When we don’t receive the outcome we desire from our enormous efforts, we can slip into depression. Frustration can creep in the cracks of our internal foundation. Often breeding confusion, sadness, and anger.

Hans Magden, Zen Thoughts, 2017

There is purpose in pain. The one that got away will make you appreciate the presence of the person who chooses to stay. The job that you lost will push you to more fruitful pursuits. The project that failed is a refined brainstorming session for future use.

The key to uncovering the purpose in your pain is abandoning your attachment to the outcomes of your experiences. If you seek a love you can learn from instead of a love that will last, you can expand the definition of a successful relationship. If you learn to value mental wealth over material assets, every job is an exercise in self-improvement — every job loss is an exercise in resourcefulness. With this perspective, every end is a beginning. The paths of our personal journeys are far from linear. Dead ends are myths to distract you from the hidden door that will lead you to your next evolution.

Clarity arrives on divine timing. Everything comes full circle. The seeds of your pain plant oak trees that provide soft shade. It takes time to become fully rooted. Strong foundations are built one brick at a time. Be patient. Understand that the space between a burden and a blessing is your biggest opportunity for growth. The time between pains and pleasures is meant for inner work.

Hans Magden, Pulling Together, 2017

The goal of inner work is to align our current selves with the highest version of ourselves. Spiritual ascension is not always a linear rising. Sometimes ascension means getting back to the purity of our soul’s center. The path to personal enlightenment’s only route is through ourselves. Our consciousness is a constant feedback loop for self-improvement.

When we face hardships or experience heartaches, the feedback loop signals can get interrupted. We wallow, feel sorry for ourselves, and become distrustful of others. The biggest lesson I’ve ever learned is that every journey we embark on leads us to travels through our inner trials and tribulations. You can’t get anywhere in life unless you first take a trip through yourself.

If you find yourself focusing on the confusion, pain, or emptiness of the present moment, remember that this low is preparation for a future high. Dig deep within yourself in the meantime. Rub the pessimism from your eyes and wash the negativity from your mouth. Claw your way to clarity. Step back from the path and see the full circle.

Thank you for reading.