Authority Stacking the Digital Leadership Mastery Expertise of Empress Gina Gardiner: Discover Your Ultimate Digital Leadership Potential with a New Era of Media Communications, Publications, Podcasting, YouTube & More

10 min readSep 13, 2023

In a new era of Digital Dominance, leadership has never been more important. We need more digital leaders expanding their influence in the online space and especially in business and entrepreneurial arena.

It has been my joy over the years to cross-trained and cross-brand several digital business leaders in leveling up their brand dominance with Authority Stacking. If you’re not familiar with Authority Stacking, click this title to learn more The Art of Authority Stacking Your Expertise with Publications, Products, Platforms & More to Powerfully & Profitably Position Yourself to Dominate in the Digital Business Space.

This article will demonstrate the robustness of my great friend, colleague and my STAR Empress Celebrity-preneur Protégé, Gina Gardiner’s authority in the digital leadership media space and just how expansive her digital presence and influence are to stand out as a one-of-a-kind top One-Stop-Shop go-to-expert for digital business leader-preneurial success in a multifaceted fashion.

I will be using the powerful demonstration of Authority Stacking with platforms, publications, products, podcast features and more with several highlights of her multilevel leadership and why you should highly consider her for…

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Trainer
  • Educator
  • Podcast Guest Features
  • Speaking
  • And More

The top areas I will be highlighting are…Digital Leadership Potential with Media Communications, Publications, Podcasting, YouTube & More

Who Is Gina Gardiner & Why Should You Know, Like & Trust Her Digital Leadership Authority?

Her brand has stood the test of time in the media, and you will get a taste of what she provides.

  • She is the EPITOME of New Illumination Digital Leadership and one of the most incredible human beings and genuine spirits you’ll ever encounter.
  • She has over 50 years of leadership experience combined in the areas of education, development, counseling, coaching, consulting and over the last several years in digital media communications.
  • She believes that leadership is a Lifestyle and not just a role.
  • She realizes the importance of leveraging the digital space to make an impact and income as a leader and it has become one of her biggest passions.
  • She walks her talk and has developed several leaders in many different formats and from different walks of life.
  • She helps leaders get out of their own way to move forward with powerful missions and movements.
  • She has the biggest heart for global leader expansion, enhancement, and evolution.

Listen to Her Candid Signature Talk Taking The Bullsh*t Out Of Business — Think Presentation November 2021 — YouTube


A Little of My Back Story with Gina…

Let me start with sharing a little of my background with Gina and how over the years it has been a privilege and an honor to be her mentor, coach, colleague and friend. She became my Star Empress Celebrity-preneur Protégé in 2021 which was a well-deserved roll. As you read this article you will see why I’m so proud of her and to be her guide throughout the years.

I started cross branding her in different dimensions as a brand expression for an illuminate representation for a New Definition of Limitless Leadership and more. I’ve also leveled her up to discover her empathic leadership calling and she’s created a new empire, other supporting training hubs and publications to support the new empathic leadership experience.

I’ve helped Gina Gardiner build a massive multilevel leadership brand with over forty publications on Amazon, get accreditation for her flagship leadership program, establish two signature leadership training hubs, around fifty micro-training hubs on Tumblr and Blogspot, created several products on Gumroad, now leverages podcasting for business, created a multimedia communication-preneurial empire and a mini-multi-interest YouTube marketplace channel.

These are just a few areas that I’ve played a major role in.

Before working with me, Gina was already a multiple #1 Amazon Best Selling author with six books under her belt, transformational coach, an enlightened leader authority and CEO of Genuinely You. I took her brand and business through a unique metamorphosis into its evolutionary empire expression of multifaceted leadership in order to create her own Amazon Marketplace Empire and Super Walmart One-Stop-Shop for leaders and people from all walks of life. She covers the life, well-being and career essentials required for thriving holistically.

Now, Gina is more highly sought after for her works, speaking, consulting and more as she stands out as industry dominating digital brand and business empire that serves the marketplace through her multifaceted leadership.

Discover Your Ultimate Digital Leadership Potential with Media Communications, Publications, Podcasting, YouTube & More

Authority Stacking Areas…

Digital Leadership Expert & Signature Training Hubs…

Gina has been known over the years as the Enlightened to Illuminate Leadership Enhancer Authority. She provides three signature leadership development institutes, a Gumroad platform with over 30 products that serve different digital business leader focuses and her publications learning platform on Amazon. She also helps leaders develop their own online training hubs.


GGA New Definition Leadership Institute

Enlightened Profitable Leadership Institute

Enlightened Leadership Institute

Genuinely You Multi-Skills Learning on Gumroad Gina Gardiner — Genuinely You Ltd

Gina Gardiner Publications Institute for Leaders & More

My Featured Leadership Collaboration Conversational Trainings & Products with Gina…

Free YouTube Trainings…

A Basic Intro to Creating Leader-preneurial Development Centers w/Teach, Train & Transition Models — YouTube

A License to Thrive as a Business Leader: A Food for Thought “Linner” & Learn Evening Micro Training — YouTube

New Illumination Leadership Conversational Training Series — YouTube

A Few of My Digital Leadership Collaboration Products with Gina…

The Importance of Digital Leadership In a New Business Era Conversational Training

Teach, Train & Transition: A Basic Intro to Creating Online Leader-preneurial Development Centers Mini Conversational Info Training

Media Communications Authority & Trainer…

As a media communications authority and trainer, Gina demonstrates her expertise with leading by example for how to show up in the media space as a powerful and profitable digital leading influencer using media communications-preneurship.

Free Training…

Leading as a Digital Media Tour-preneur Basics Mini-Info Training Preview — YouTube

A Few of My Media for Business Exposure Collaboration Conversational Trainings & Products with Gina…

A Basic Introduction to Leading as a Digital Media Tour-preneur Mini-Info Training

A Basic Introduction to Becoming a Media Communications Coach Micro Training

A Basic Introduction to Getting Featured in the Media for Brand & Business Exposure Micro Training

A Basic Introduction to Brand-cast & Blog-cast Journalism for Business Leaders Mini Info Training

Publications & Publishing Coach Authority…

As a multi-number 1 bestselling author and over 40 publications on Amazon, Gina also helps leaders and empaths stand out in the digital space as authors. You can explore her Amazon page and resources for writing and publishing.


Books… Gina Gardiner

Her Writing & Publishing Resources…

Embracing the Author Within: A New Approach to Life & Publishing for Leaders

Sharing Your Empathic Journey The “Write” Way: How To Use Your Experience To Serve In Your Higher Purpose Leveraging Writing & Publishing

Pictured below are a few of my publications some of which Gina & I have co-authored together…

Podcast Authority…

Gina has over 500 guest features on podcasts and has facilitated several podcast platforms of her own, participated in podcast series and more.

Her signature show Gina Gardiner & Friends has featured hundreds of great guests who stand out in the digital leadership space.

Listen to excerpts of her interview with Mark Victor Hansen & Mitzie Perdue by clicking on the titles below…

Mark Victor Hansen’s View Of His Biography Written By Mitzie Perdue

Discover How ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ Got Published In “Relentless’ by Mitzie Perdue

Gina also helps leaders step into the media space as podcasters and publishers to enhance and expand their impact.

Check out a Few of Her Publications Podcast Segments…

How Can You Lead Authentically? — Enlightened Authentic Leadership by Gina Gardiner — YouTube

How to become a great leader! — Enlightened Emerging Leadership by Gina Gardiner — YouTube

Share your Empath Journey! — Sharing Your Empathic Journey The “Write” Way by Gina Gardiner — YouTube

How do I get my dream job? — Kick Start Your Career by Gina Gardiner — YouTube

Get more from your team! | How YOU can Manage Your Staff More Effectively by Gina Gardiner — YouTube

Gina is also featured as a Celebrity-preneur expert on my WOWLYWOOD & The WOW! Seat podcast platforms. Listen to segments below…

The Basics Of Becoming A Limitless Leader In A New Era with Gina Gardiner

Embracing The Leader Within with Gina Gardiner

Leveling Up Your Language & Leadership Message w/Gina Gardiner

Leveling Up Your WOW! Factor as a Limitless Leader with Gina Gardiner

The WOW! Seat Top Expert-preneurs, Tom-Tom, Gina, Rob & Chris

Become More Enlightened To Discover Your Leadership WOW! Factor w/Gina Gardiner

Discovering Your Leadership WOW! Factor After 60 with Gina Gardiner

The WOW! Seat Workspace RAW: Session featuring Genuine Empathic Enhancer Gina Gardiner PT1

The WOW! Seat Workspace RAW: Session featuring Genuine Empathic Enhancer Gina Gardiner PT2

A Few of My Podcast Collaboration Conversational Trainings & Products with Gina…

Free Training…

Product Style Interviewing Basics for Podcasting Micro Training — YouTube


A Basic Introduction to Podcasting for Business Leaders Micro Training

A Basic Introduction to Podcast Guesting for Getting Featured & Finding Guests Micro Training

YouTube Expertise…

Gina has a successful small YouTube Mini Marketplace & Podcast channel called Genuinely You-Gina Gardiner and enjoys helping other leaders establish their YouTube presence as a powerful positioning medium for impact and income.

She has worked with me to level up her channel and diversify her brand and offerings as a marketplace and podcast central.

She has also collaborated with me on several products, other free trainings and series for YouTube-preneurial business building.

Listen to Gina’s Get YouTube Done NOW Workspace Sessions…

Get YouTube Done NOW! On-Air Workspace Sessions — YouTube

Enjoy this Podcast Series Playlist…

Get YouTube Done NOW Podcast Series — YouTube

Explore a Few of My Collaboration Products Featuring Gina…

Get Monetized On YouTube NOW!: The Art of Creating Massive Marketing Momentum to Monetize Your Mastery Mini Motivational Trainings Bundle

The YouTube Underground Railroad Marketing Advantage for Obscured Brands Learn How to Align, Find & Lead Your Tribe to Your Liberation Solution Station & More

Roadblocks into Revenue Recognition with YouTube: How to Lucratively Leverage a Lack of Visibility to Your Audience as Your Affluent Alignment to Success


Get YouTube Done NOW!: Jump-start Your YouTube-preneurial Communications Empire the “Write” Way as a Multifaceted Leader-preneur

Figures to Followers: Prioritizing Purposeful Profits Over Popularity on YouTube to Create the Win-Win for You, Your Audience & More Masterclass

Get YouTube Revenue Done NOW! The “Write” Way to Discover Your Channel’s Residual Currency Flow State, Retroactive Richness Factor & More as a Multi-level Writing-preneur

Get YouTube Done NOW! Discover Your Profitable Production-preneurial Advantage

Get YouTube Done NOW! The “Write” Way: A Jump-start YouTube-preneurial Business Builder for Multi-Niche Content Creators


As you can see Gina Gardiner is certainly the Ultimate Digital Leadership Potential Authority. If you would like to learn more about her, follow on other social media platforms or reach out, visit… Gina Gardiner Linktree

I hope that you found the content of this article valuable and will consider Authority Stacking for your brand and business impact and income agenda. I would love to hear how this served you.

If you would like to learn more about upcoming mastermind cohort events, VIP Consulting Intensives, or products on this topic or to book me for virtual speaking engagements, email

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