Create Massive Momentum & Marketing Magic with YouTube Shorts & Other Short-form Videos for Channels with Less than 100 Subscribers

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If you’re a small YouTube channel looking to not only grow your audience but also expand your business, leveraging YouTube Shorts and other short form videos for marketing can work like magic for increasing your impact and income.

The best time to create massive momentum with this initiative is when you have a channel that’s less than 100 subscribers. Of course, this works like magic for larger channels; however, the smaller channels with the right core focuses seem to expediate their growth in an overnight way when consistent bite size content is featured.

This is important because YouTube favors consistency and also retention of watch time. If you have a steady stream of short form content this will cover both areas. So now it’s time to create the MAGIC with your marketing using YouTube Shorts and at least one other short form video format.

To Jump-start Your Marketing Magic, I Recommend…

  • Creating a 30-Day YouTube Short Series: This can be a series of series. Meaning you can create something like a three-to-five-part series on at least three particular topics. Create a playlist for these series so that you can easily access them when you want to leverage them as a marketing lead-in to a longer version of the video or another related longer-form video.

You can use formats such as VLOG-style or vehicle studio expression sharing life hacks, things that you found/find interesting or recently learned and so much more.

I’ve used both of these formats for YouTube Shorts and allow them to segway into trainings that I’ve done or longer talks on the topic at hand. Because I publish a lot of works, I’ve been able to leverage YouTube Shorts to achieve landslide publication sales with quality leads into my VIP Intensives and mastermind initiatives where I also leverage those works as a part of the process.

Because I’ve conducted tip sharing, mini trainings in short series formats and shared short empowering impromptu messages from my vehicle and/or just shooting a quick video while I’m out and about, it resulted in not only channel growth for my smaller channels but also more revenue for business.

  • Marketing with Lumen5: Another short form video format that I’ve leveraged for success is creating text-based videos with Lumen5. Lumen5 allows you to make videos for up to 5 mins using media such as video, still images, text, music, voiceovers and more. This is great for business whether you’re making 1 to 2 min tip sharing or mini commercials to promote a product or service or providing a short lesson/training. Again, I highly recommend using Lumen5 even if it’s the free version.

I also recommend pre-creating and pre-scheduling a few Lumen5 videos so that you have on hand what I call your BASE CONTENT that can be ready to share when you don’t feel like making any videos.

Now back to YouTube Shorts…

Since YouTube Shorts allow up to 60 seconds for your video, this should be easy for you to post a few every other day if not every day during your 30-Day endeavor. Also, let me be clear that you don’t have to post for 30-Days straight; however, I would consider giving it your best shot if your channel(s) is/are less than 100 subscribers. Again, you want to build up momentum and create the powerful intention for impact and income by aligning your right-inspired action-taking with a focus on marketing communications.

People need to build the KNOW, LIKE/LOVE & TRUST factor by connecting to both their personal and professional brands even if it’s for less than a minute or less than five minutes consistently.

Just imagine that you have a product, service, or special offer that you want to feature, and you shoot one to five short-form videos that create leads for business, even showcase your articles or blog posts and also help to you gain more subscribers. Trust me, it can happen, and you can go from less than 100 subscribers to several hundred or even thousands of loyal fans that not only follow you but also have a good amount of them that pay you for the value you’re adding in many ways.

During this time, I invite you to focus on your brand expression and just start showing up being authentically you. Do this regardless of if you have a clear focused agenda for leads or not at this point. Remove all barriers that will prevent you from accelerating your success. Don’t worry about trying to create fancy videos and thumbnails, just get started by setting an intention and making a plan to create magic over the next 30-days with your channel.

I highly recommend watching other YouTube shorts and short form videos from other successful as well as emerging YouTubers. Everyone starts somewhere using what they already have so it’s your time to start your journey and build up your storyline for how you created Marketing Magic and became successful with your YouTube initiative.

It gets no easier than starting with short-form videos that takes less time to make and also shorten your upload timing. In less than 5 to 10 minutes, you could accomplish shooting at least three shorts, posting and/or pre-scheduling them to post according to your selected time.

If you take 10 to 15 or even 20 to 30 minutes, you can create at least two or three Lumen5 videos and pre-schedule them to post. Using a combo is great on any given day. Posting one YouTube short recorded from your phone and then posting one Lumen5 later that day with a rinse-and-repeat method of this for about a week would be great to see what magic you can create and of course continue to use this method. This is ideal for not only tracking results, creating visibility, establishing trust-ability for consistency but also the possibilities for an increase in impact and income.

So, what does your YouTube Shorts & Short Form Marketing Magic Agenda look like for the next 30-days?

Spend time brainstorming, learning more about YouTube marketing, planning, and most of all, GETTING in the GAME to create the magic.

If you haven’t read my other related articles on this topic, I encourage you to use this as part of your educational learning experience and allow it to serve as empowerment for you to get into action.

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In Closing…

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