Believing In Something Greater Than Myself Saved Me

When you’re going through a difficult time, regardless of the events, the weight of the world feels like it falls on your shoulders. That “heavy” sensation can be enough to knock you down, and keep you down. Suddenly, not only are you overwhelmed with guilt and shame for lacking the strength to recover, you also feel like it’s solely your responsibility to turn everything around. Part of that is true: our actions today dictate a large part of our future tomorrow.

So what do you tell the spouse that suddenly lost their partner in a tragic accident? What words do you use to comfort the individual that loved their job, but was suddenly laid off? Every day, millions of people show unconditional love towards one another and also towards things they care about, yet they end up feeling defeated and lost.

This is where faith can save you and bring unfathomable peace.

Last year, my life suddenly felt like my worst nightmare. My grandmother, the person I loved most, passed away a few hours after I was notified they had found a tumor that was 11cm long. Within the year, I had a TIA (fancy word for mini stroke), lost my job, and ended what I thought would be a life-long loving relationship. Choosing to believe in something greater than myself allowed the grieving process of these circumstances to include rays of light and positivity.

When I felt that I was drowning, I made a choice to believe that if my faith was as strong as I said it was, I’d have to continue putting my best foot forward while trusting that things would work out in my favor as long as I kept showing up. So I did.

Faith that good things come to those that don’t give up and continuously choose light saved me from staying down. When our faith leads the way, things like our attitude in the morning is filled with energy and productivity throughout the day is constant. Positive thinking feels different altogether and in turn, allows us to remain optimistic about the future even if the present is filled with heartache and struggle.

I depended on my grandmother for unconditional love and other things which in a way, prevented me from performing at the highest level because she provided an invisible safety net. Her death forced me to look at the dynamics within our relationship so I could better understand myself as a whole. I’m convinced it was her time to go, and my time to fly as well. She had taught me everything she possibly could and it was time I did everything with those invaluable lessons.

Losing my job propelled me to return to WOWW Campaign, something I would have delayed had I stayed in that corporate job. I’ve known interviewing women is something I’m passionate about, but I was too afraid to face the world with my depression, so I hid behind a 9–5 corporate job so I could blend in.

It’s easy to have faith and stay positive when things are going well, but I recommend that everyone focus on their faith when they’re filled with darkness. Doing this saved me because giving up no longer became an option. And so here I am today.

Joy Pecoraro is the founder and host of The WOWW Campaign Podcast a place where women share their personal and professional stories in order to bring us closer together. On the podcast, you’ll hear inspirational interviews with various women about challenges they’ve had to overcome and the life lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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