I quit my dream job. Here’s why.

  • Good Equity? Check
  • Tier A investors? Check
  • Company growth? Check
  • Cold calling. Must have skill for any non-technical person. I averaged 45 calls/day for 10 months. 30 days/month x 10 months = 300 days — 100 weekend&holiday days = 200 days x 45 calls ≈ 9000 calls. They say doing something 10,000 times makes a master. I was damn close.
  • Built playbook and strategy for marketing, sales, and customer success. If you are an early startup employee, please document things. Mercedes Bent told me this in my first month and it was essential in onboarding new employees. Document messaging, what works vs. what doesn’t work, meetings, product strategy.
  • Closed a 6 figure deal. Getting big wins is important to validate your hard work.
  • U.S. public education needs work. It isn’t one party’s fault. The system is broken. The people running the system are misaligned. Parents are misinformed. Our kids live with the results.
  • Minting and collecting nfts
  • Participating in DAOs
  • Going to crypto networking events
  • “Investing” in fungible tokens
  • Reading crypto newsletters and blogs
  • Listening crypto podcasts
  • Make my first dollar online. I created a newsletter on web3 + sports called 3SPN. Sign up here to receive the first issue. It’s free.
  • Launch an NFT project. In the film space… let me know if you want to learn more.
  • Left my parents home. I am crashing on friends’ couches right now. My goal? Don’t go back.
  • Stay consistent in writing content and producing TikTok’s. Follow my Substack to stay up to date.
  • Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to hire me to write for them → woxley99@gmail.com




writing about web3, psychology, philosophy towards living a healthy and purposeful life, and sports

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William Oxley

William Oxley

writing about web3, psychology, philosophy towards living a healthy and purposeful life, and sports

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