Will You Help Us Calm Down?
Sandi Hwang Adam

Lenin said “Democracy is the dictatorship of the majority over minority”.

Brexit and UK elections (results both very close) were fought by outliers in the name of minorities disposed of power and consideration. In the northern UK populations were concerned about large quantities of immigrants settling down (Poles) with different language and customs (food comes to the fore) and outcompeting them in the labour market. In the USA the demographic trend will soon make white Americans a minority. Those white’s left behind in country’s growth fear losing their political power and life style. In both cases unfamiliarity, envy and helplessness drove hate. The outliers, Brexiteers and Trump correctly identified those sentiments as election strategies and won. So what is next? Hate messages, as successful election slogans, legitimise subsequently the unsociable behaviour and language and we are witnessing such behaviour expressed in your text. However hate as an intense emotion is a high energy state and needs permanent supply of incitement to function. Otherwise it morphs into disappointment and bitterness, a more passive form. If the country leadership takes a strong stance against hate crimes and the economy for the minorities concerned improves we will see a more settled environment. If not a revolutionary sentiment will prevail and there will be a prolonged period of social unrest. France comes to mind in this context.

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