Puzzled life.

As a kid, I would always complete giant puzzles with my grandmother at her card table. We completed puzzles of everything from Buckingham Palace to the face of Winnie the Pooh. As the years went on, the puzzles got larger. They got more difficult. They took longer to piece together. Eventually, we were piecing together 2,000 piece puzzles that would take weeks and weeks to complete.

Looking back on this activity — a genuine pastime of mine — has caused a realization of sorts in the way I view the world.

Imagine for a moment the biggest box of puzzle pieces — around 7 billion pieces — that you can. Imagine all the pieces mixed together, jumbled up and almost impossible to sort out. But imagine a constructor of this puzzle who wouldn’t give up on a single piece; a constructor that was dedicated to putting it all together, down to the very last piece.

That’s the world’s Constructor. Your creater. The decider of your placement in the puzzle. The orchestrator of it all.

That’s your God. That’s my God.

The moment we realize that we were each created with a specific purpose and a specific placement is the moment we also realize that we’re in this life for a reason. That reason — that meaning, that goal for your existence: while it may be difficult to figure out, should be the single motivating force of your life.

You just have to figure out where you fit in this beautifully complicated, 7 billion piece puzzle we know as “humanity.”

So pray. Ask God to show you the path He wants for your life. Ask Him to give you signals and give you signs. But most importantly, ask Him to give you the feet to walk that path.

The puzzle pieces are all put together. You just need to figure out the context.