Best 4 Premium Order Import Plugins for WooCommerce

There are many situations when you will have to import order data from a WooCommerce platform to other or from a different eCommerce platform to a WooCommerce platform. Here is the list of best premium order import plugins which will help you import orders to your store easily.

1. Order / Coupon / Subscription Import Plugin

If you are on the lookout for a plugin which is capable of taking care of all your import related worries, you don’t have to think twice before choosing this WooCommerce plugin.

This plugin gives you access to a number of features in it for making import an easy process. The most sought-after feature of this plugin is that it allows you to import orders not only from the WooCommerce store but from other e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc.

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Using this plugin you can import orders via multiple methods ie; either by uploading a CSV file from your computer or from a remote server (if your CSV file is on the server) via FTP/SFTP by providing FTP details.

For importing orders to your online store, you must create a CSV(Comma-Separated Values) file which contains information about mapping fields in a tabular form. You can create a CSV file by using a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, or Google Spreadsheets and saving it with the file extension “.CSV”. After entering all details about orders in the spreadsheet, you can import orders to your online store.

The columns in your CSV file may not correspond to the WooCommerce order data fields always hence you will have to map those fields manually. But if you are using this plugin you will be provided with a simple interface for easy mapping and then you can save the mapping settings for later imports.

If it is difficult for you to import orders time and time again, the best option would be owning this plugin to activate its scheduled auto- order import feature using cron job. This feature enables your WooCommerce store to import the orders at regular intervals from CSV which is present on FTP server by providing starting time and intervals between import. You can also auto-export the products to FTP in a CSV file at regular intervals.

2. Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite

Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite plugin is the best choice when you have to import a large number of orders to your WooCommerce store.

Using this plugin you can import orders and link them to your store’s customers and products. If you are a store owner who is going to migrate from a different eCommerce platform to WooCommerce, this is the right plugin you should go for since this plugin allows you to maintain your customer accounts and order history.

This plugin is flexible enough to handle several kinds of import formats and you can map your import columns to the appropriate WooCommerce data to merge or create orders. You can also import data from a variety of sources, such as an uploaded file, URL/file path, or via copy and paste.

Order data including line items, linked customers, order totals, order notes, and order numbers can be imported using this plugin. You can merge order data to update totals, order status, or add meta in bulk such as tracking numbers and import custom fields and custom taxonomies for orders.

Another best usage of this plugin is that you can let it import order data in the background so that you can import large sets of data without timeouts. This plugin is fully compatible with the Order/ Customer CSV Export extension.

3. Easy Order Import in WooCommerce

Easy order import for WooCommerce is a fast, flexible and efficient plugin that allows you to import order data. It easy to use features allows you to easily create a CSV file and upload it and import orders. One of the most attractive features of this plugin is that it completes the entire process rapidly and uses only little server resources ensuring that you don’t have problems with importing or exporting any amount of order data.

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This plugin enables your store to import orders for all customers ie; even if they are registered customers or people who checked out as a guest. While importing orders using this plugin you don’t have to worry about duplicates. Using its powerful filter features you can filter orders according to order statuses, start date, end date, and with a particular number and offset.

4. WOOEXIM — WooCommerce Export-Import Plugin

WOOEXIM — WOoCommerce export — import premium plugin offers some amazing advanced importing features for making your store’s import process quick, easy and flexible.

Its easy user interface lets you easily import any data from one store to another taking only a little time. Since its import system is Ajax based all you have to do is sit and wait until it does it work. With this plugin, you will be able to see a preview of data while importing so you can make your choices.

Using this plugin you have different ways to import data. Both CSV import and import from remote URL are possible with this plugin. With this plugin you can set the order status when importing either it is complete or pending.

Its multilingual capability lets you manage this plugin in 10 different languages. Its single site subscription is worth 39 $ when you can subscribe for 5 websites with 89 $. If you are planning for an unlimited website subscription, it will cost you an amount of 159 $.


Hope this article will make it easy for you to choose the right plugin for all your order import related needs. If you are well aware of all your requirements it would be much easier for you to choose the right plugin based on the different features it provides.